BelaCoop Animal Hospital is a companion animal practice located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The practice has flourished since opening its doors 10 years ago, expanding from a tight-knit team of four to a dedicated staff of 35, while adding state-of-the-art grooming and boarding facilities. Along the way, the hospital has stayed steadfast to its original vision of providing outstanding care in an environment that’s comfortable for patients, clients, and staff alike.

We caught up with a few members of the BelaCoop Animal Hospital team to find out how they use ezyVet to increase efficiency and drive practice growth.

Driving efficiency through technology

Vet techs examining cat

“I wanted to make something very homey and comfortable - not only for the client, but also for the patient,” said BelaCoop Animal Hospital Owner and Head Veterinarian Dr. Katti Strahsmeier-Stoller. “For the pets, I want to make sure that they’re comfortable walking through the door. I want them to feel like they’re walking into their own space - a nice, clean, low-stress environment.”

To achieve that vision, the BelaCoop Animal Hospital relies on ezyVet, a powerful cloud-based practice management system. Since migrating to ezyVet in 2021, the practice has experienced a significant uptick in efficiency by taking advantage of the software’s many time-saving features. Picklists - preconfigured lists of text items that can be used in any clinical field in ezyVet - have simplified repetitive data entry, saving the team up to two hours a day on charting alone, while moving to the cloud has unlocked new opportunities for flexible working and remote collaboration.

“The software system that you use is the centerpiece to your practice. It is the most important piece of equipment that you are going to need, so you need to pick it very wisely. I think we chose very wisely when we chose ezyVet. I think we’ve been thriving with it,” said Katti.

Simplifying inventory management

The software also simplifies the practice’s inventory management processes. ezyVet allows BelaCoop Animal Hospital to easily track stock movement, send purchase orders to their preferred suppliers, and receive automatic price updates. As Practice Manager Jessica Smouse explained, automatic order reminders are issued when stock levels reach a certain user-specified threshold, eliminating the need to manually monitor inventory and record stock levels by hand.

“One of my primary roles is inventory. The nice thing about ezyVet is that I can set inventory levels, so I can choose when I want the software to remind me to make an order. I don’t have to go through and check everything every single day - it just comes up on my computer and alerts me whenever I need to order,” said Jessica. 

Vet techs with a dog

For Veterinary Technician Rebecca Siemens, one of the key advantages of ezyVet is its templating functionality, which helps streamline record keeping and standardize care. ezyVet’s templates are highly customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of the hospital.

“I love the templates in ezyVet. Instead of just going in and typing up things that the owner tells us, we have templates that we fill out. They help keep me on track and ensure that I don’t miss any important questions. We’re all human. When the day gets busy, sometimes we overlook things. It’s helpful to have templates as a visual reminder - no matter how tired I am or how busy the treatment floor is, we’re not missing anything,” said Rebecca.


Technology is changing the veterinary landscape. By adopting ezyVet, BelaCoop Animal Hospital has unlocked newfound levels of efficiency and organization, while continuing to uphold its commitment to providing exceptional care for pets and their owners.

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