Moving to the cloud helps equine practice thrive

We sat down with Reagan Equine Owner and Veterinarian Ginger Reagan to talk about her journey and the role ezyVet has played in the success of her practice.

Reagan Equine horse

Reagan Equine is a busy all-equine practice in Wilmington, North Carolina. Equipped with a 20-stall hospital and a fleet of ambulatory trucks, the practice offers a full range of equine services, from routine vaccines to high-end sports medicine and everything in between.

The Reagan Equine team spends a lot of time in the field where access to real-time clinical data is a must. Whether they're attending a horse show, treating a client’s beloved backyard horse, or working a barn with 70 horses in training, staff need to be confident that they can retrieve the information they need to make sound clinical decisions.

We sat down with Reagan Equine Owner and Veterinarian Ginger Reagan to talk about her journey and the role ezyVet has played in the success of her practice.

Syncing issue with previous PMS became too big to ignore

Reagan Equine property

Before making the switch to ezyVet, Reagan Equine used a simple, on-premises practice management system that required staff to return to the office to sync data gathered in the field. While the solution initially worked well, cracks began to appear in the system as the practice expanded.

“It worked great for us at the start,” explains Ginger, “but as we grew and hired more veterinarians, coming back to the office to sync devices became more and more of an issue. We couldn’t access real-time data in the field and we were constantly trying to sync data.”

As managing the logistics of syncing became increasingly difficult, concerns grew over the integrity of the practice’s data. One thing became clear: a locally based solution would not be sustainable in the long run.

“We were concerned we were losing data, so we’d have to sync multiple times to make sure we got it all. It quickly became a pain. That’s when we started looking for a cloud-based system.”

There's nothing that I've seen out there that can do the things ezyVet can do.

Ginger Reagan

Owner and Veterinarian, Reagan Equine

The search for a cloud-based solution

Ginger’s selection criteria was simple. The new practice management software needed to be cloud-based, it needed to automatically sync data from multiple sources, and it needed to be capable of providing real-time patient insight. After evaluating several options with the help of her husband, Ginger eventually settled on ezyVet.

“What caught my eye about ezyVet was being able to access all my information in real-time. Being able to look things up in the field, see if a horse needs pre-med before it gets a vaccine, check if a client had an outstanding balance - anything I needed, I could see it all right there. That was very appealing to me.”

Growing with ezyVet

Reagan Equine team

Reagan Equine has grown “tremendously” since making the switch to ezyVet in 2015, expanding from a one-doctor mobile equine outfit to a 15-employee organization, complete with full-service ambulatory and hospitalization facilities.

ezyVet has helped facilitate this growth by enabling staff to work efficiently and avoid many of the roadblocks that often come with scaling up a business.

Keeping the team on the same page

“For me, one of the biggest things is being able to pull up a patient in ezyVet and see what’s going on with the horse in real-time,” explains Ginger. “If one of my veterinarians sees a patient in the morning and I see it in the afternoon, we can see exactly what the other person has done through ezyVet without having to follow up with each other.”

Winning the inventory battle

Reagan Equine horse riding

With a 20-stall hospital and multiple ambulatory trucks to keep track of - each with its own stock of supplies - inventory management is a constant challenge. But, according to Ginger, the battle started to swing in Reagan Equine’s favor after adopting ezyVet.

Reagan Equine’s technicians now have the ability to submit bills when they’re out in the field, enabling office staff to see in real time exactly what inventory has been used in each truck. Ginger plans to further streamline this process by having replacement stock checked out of the pharmacy and ready to go by the time the trucks return to the office, making it easier for staff to get home on time.

Yes, ezyVet has a learning curve, but be patient with it, figure it out, and roll with it, because it can do just about anything.

Ginger Reagan

Owner and Veterinarian, Reagan Equine

Using templates and integrations to help with the bottom line

“We use templates in ezyVet, which helps us track and capture charges we might otherwise miss. Our whole crew is familiar with it and we use it on the iPads in every truck.”

Ginger is also fond of the Xero integration, an online accounting solution tailored to small businesses. The integration automatically syncs transactions made in ezyVet with Xero, simplifying Reagan Equine’s accounting processes and giving Ginger better insight into the business’s cashflow.

A higher standard of patient care

Reagan Equine horse care

One of the ways ezyVet enables Reagan Equine to deliver a better standard of care is by providing greater visibility of a patient’s behavior. For example, if it's known that a horse has an allergy, sensitivity, or issue with a certain medication, the Reagan Equine team can use ezyVet’s Patient Demeanors feature to quickly bring attention to the matter and add notes to the patient record if further details are required.

“ezyVet gives us the information we need to make better decisions. I do think ezyVet has helped us improve our care tremendously, I absolutely do.”

Looking to the future

Reagan Equine has enjoyed significant growth since adopting ezyVet, but Ginger’s not done yet. She recently brought on another veterinarian to help manage increasing demand for Reagan Equine’s services and expects the practice will continue to expand in the years ahead.

Whatever the future brings, ezyVet will be there every step of the way, providing the Reagan Equine team with the real-time insights they need to deliver the highest standard of care while out in the field.