Green Dog Veterinary Center is redefining the traditional veterinary experience. Since its inception, the Los Angeles-based multi-site practice has strived to break away from the typical look and feel of conventional animal hospitals.

It’s that same progressive mindset that led the practice to adopt ezyVet as its practice management system. We caught up with the Green Dog team to learn more about how they use ezyVet to improve their diagnostics processes, save time on administrative work, and consistently deliver outstanding patient care.

Defying the traditional vet clinic aesthetic

Green Dog Veterinary Center was designed to offer a veterinary experience like no other. The goal was clear: transform the veterinary visit into something more akin to a spa day for pets and their owners. The vision went beyond aesthetics. As Dr. Ren Garcia explained, it was about fostering a sense of comfort and belonging for everyone who walked through the doors.

“Hospitals in general are just so sterile. They're all the same. With Green Dog, our objective was to make a place that's completely different. Why can’t we make it a really cool place, a fun place, an inviting place? Anybody that comes in here always tells us the same thing - they’re just amazed that it doesn’t feel like a hospital,” said Ren.

What the practice does have in common with conventional hospitals is a deep commitment to delivering world-class veterinary care. Green Dog Veterinary Center places a high priority on preventative care - a proactive approach that not only extends pets' lives but also improves their quality of life. 

Green Dog ezyVet users

“I always tell my customers that prevention is the most important thing,” explained Ren. “Prevention is the cure. If we can detect things early, then at that stage before they start showing signs of illness, then we can extend their lives. That's one of the reasons why it's so important for us to do lab work every six to 12 months and track trends.”

To carry out that lab work, Green Dog Veterinary Center utilizes IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, a platform that facilitates access to historical diagnostic data and trending graphs. As Clinical Director Deija Lighton explained, IDEXX VetConnect PLUS integrates seamlessly with ezyVet, enabling the staff to manage diagnostics and track blood work trends directly from inside their practice management system.

“IDEXX’s integration into ezyVet has made things very, very easy for us. We're able to put in our request to our diagnostics machinery without transitioning to another browser or another window tab. Whether you're a veterinarian, a manager, or CSR, you often need to give answers to clients. [With VetConnect PLUS], everything is easily displayed on your patient's profile. It’s a huge game changer for us.”

Improving the appointment scheduling experience

For Ren, one of ezyVet’s best time-saving features is the online booking system. With ezyVet's user-friendly platform, clients can easily book appointments online and fill out electronic forms remotely, reducing the administrative burden on staff while further enhancing the customer experience.

“One of the ways that ezyVet has really helped us improve the efficiency of our practice has been with the online booking system. If our clients are able to book online directly through the software, it cuts the amount of time that we need to input a patient's information,” said Ren. 

Green Dog vet with a dachshund

ezyVet also allows the Green Dog Veterinary Center team to send electronic forms to clients prior to appointments, allowing them to fill out necessary information at their convenience. This means less time spent on paperwork during appointments and more time devoted to delivering quality care.

“We can also send electronic forms to the owners themselves prior to their appointment. That cuts a tremendous amount of time - and that’s very important to the client as well. They don't want to be sitting down in a consult room filling out paperwork.”

Growing with ezyVet

Green Dog Veterinary Center has big plans for the future and is currently in the process of launching additional sites across Los Angeles. ezyVet will play a central role in the practice’s growth, providing the team with the tools they need to grow at scale while staying true to their vision of providing a unique client-centric veterinary experience.

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