At ezyVet, we strive to offer a comprehensive feature rich system to our users. Having a system that partners with other market leading veterinary software offers just that. ezyVet's partnership with Dragon Veterinary allows users to utilize market leading speech recognition software in their everyday practice.

In a world where time is so valuable, we are constantly looking for short-cuts and ways to save time. Speech recognition software is the veterinary solution for any time poor veterinarian! Studies have shown that vets can spend upwards of four hours a day writing emails and charts. Using software to dictate your speech will save time and increase efficiency, resulting in paperwork effortlessly being finished faster and developed with more detail.

Dragon Veterinary reduces or eliminates the need to type, allowing a seamless transition into a paperless environment. Powered by your voice, electronic documents are created through dictation. The vet software is specially created by a team of board certified veterinary radiologists, meaning that Dragon Veterinary will recognize all your veterinary specific jargon!

ezyVet veterinary practice management software & Dragon Veterinary both boast technology that is made for veterinarians by veterinarians. As a result, the dictation offers expansive and highly accurate veterinary vocabulary. The partnership allows users to save time and improve work flow, leaving more time to do what you do best.

There’s no doubt, as we move into an age of new technology, we want to provide services that save time and effort – using Dragon Veterinary within ezyVet vet software will do just that.

Dr Robert Radash, of Dallas Veterinary Surgical Centre talks about his experience with the integration:

To use Dragon Veterinary with ezyVet: It’s as simple as

1. Turn on Dragon Veterinary.
2. Place your cursor in the desired field.
3. Speak away.

Our partnership with Dragon Veterinary allows our users to spend less time doing admin. Wouldn’t you like to spend more time interacting with your animals at work – or even better – your furry friends at home?

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