Say Goodbye to Missed Charges

Billing mistakes are guaranteed to happen from time to time with missed charges being an unfortunate fact of life for most veterinary practices. Even with the best of intentions, very few hospitals can claim they have a 100% capture rate. This is why it's never been more important to remove the manual billing process and incorporate ezyVet's Automated Charge Capture.

In this episode of Tips & Tricks, learn how Automated Charge Capture can help increase your practices bottom dollar.

Benefits of Automated Charge Capture:

  • Use ezyVet technology to reduce the manual workload - Automated Charge Capture allows you to eliminate the need for manual billing
  • Increase annual revenue by creating Templates / Product Bundles with the correct billing triggers
  • Improve the customer experience - No more awkward phone calls chasing items that were forgotten to be invoiced

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guides for more information about Automated Charge capture keep reading.