It's never been more important to personalize the customer experience

As a Vet or Vet Tech, you know that no two treatment plans are the same, to help keep it simple and be able to easily treat all different types of patients. Product Bundles were created letting practices configure a customizable one-size-fits-all approach.

It might sound like a paradox, but, when a Bundle is built it includes all the products that could be used for a specific procedure, which can cater to different breeds and different vet's protocols, meaning each Vet can tailor how they treat each patient, by simply using the ''one size fits all Bundle'' approach, adjust which products and quantities within the bundle best suit your patient, then zero out any unused bundle items. This way you can scale up or down the product quantity required based on the patient weight or breed without needing the add or subtract individual products to the clinical record. It's easy to carry out customizable care when you're armed with the right tools.

Check out our Benefits of Bundles video below, which shares 5 key reasons your team should start using Product Bundles at your practice.

Product Bundle Benefits:

  • Improve staff efficiency with pre-set procedure billing options
  • Increase practice revenue with a higher level of control for procedure billing
  • Simplified editing billed quantities
  • Enhance reporting with accurate & powerful procedure billing
  • Informed price decisions with accurate discount information for fixed price procedure
  • Simplify site configuration with the power of product containers, fixed price packages, sales templates, and template products all in one
  • Complex procedures made simple with a purpose-built user interface

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guide for more information about Product Bundles. Head to the Help Tab in your ezyVet site and search Bundles.