Improve efficiency with automated communications

Daily life within a veterinary practice requires you to keep track of many different things at the same time. From back-to-back consults to medications to be dispensed, updating pet owners for hospitalized patients - we all know your day can get busy, very fast. That’s why there is always a constant drive to make day-to-day activities more efficient. This is where task automation comes in.

In this episode of Tips & Tricks, learn how Automated Client Reminders can minimize repetitive administrative tasks, reduce no-show rates and increase customer engagement.

Benefits of Automated Reminders:

  • Reduce no-show appointments – Customers are sent an automatic Email/SMS appointment reminder helping to bring their upcoming appointment front of mind.
  • Save time – By removing repetitive admin tasks your team can focus on the more important tasks at hand.
  • Reduction of costs – By utilizing technology to automate tasks, you no longer require manual effort from your team. Let's have a look at how ezyVet can help with task automation at a busy veterinary practice
  • Improve the customer experience - Customers feel involved throughout the entire practice journey

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guides for more information about Automated Reminders keep reading.

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