3 ways Vet Radar will help save time and reduce stress

It's no secret that daily veterinary life can be often overwhelming and busy, with a constant juggle between patient care and managing clients' expectations. However, what if we told you, there was an effortless way to save time & reduce workload stress? Got your attention? Keep watching to find out 3 ways Vet Radar can help.

Benefits of using Vet Radar

  • Electronic treatment templates
    With Vet Radar you can create customized treatment sheets and templates, then quickly add them to a patient’s sheet.
  • Task automation stops double handling of data
    All procedures and medication charges are captured in Vet Radar and automatically sent back to ezyVet for billing. No double entry is required.
  • Ability to work and capture notes on the go
    Vet Radar is built for mobile, so you can move around the practice with an iPad or tablet and take notes, pictures or videos on the go

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the Vet Radar Help Guides for more information about Vet Radar keep reading.

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