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Learning & Support

Learning and education are critical components to help achieve optimal efficiency in your practice. We take these components very seriously and want to support you and your practice to get the best results. To help we’ve put together commonly sought information in our Help Tab within ezyVet. Got a more in-depth or technical question? No problem, contact us via phone or email! Select the appropriate medium for your question, and if in doubt simply fire us an email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. Want your templates to look more professional or just need someone to update them for you? Find out more here.

Have an emergency?

Call us now International: +64 9 280 6210 New Zealand: 0800 EZYVET Australia: 1300 EZYVET United States: 1844 4EZYVET United Kingdom: +44 2035 149 301

Email Support

Contact our support team via email and we will be back in touch as quickly as possible. Contact support

Online Documentation

Online help is always available via our documentation. Contact support

Freshdesk – Submit feedback and requests

Customers can submit feedback and request new features directly from ezyVet which goes into a managed system called Freshdesk. This feedback is then dealt with by the team to get a satisfactory resolution. The collaboration between Freshdesk and ezyVet is an excellent example of the flexibility that cloud-based technology and networking can offer, and it allows great technology providers to link together and provide a great solution. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the help tab within ezyVet, you can log a ticket with us via the Freshdesk system inside ezyVet by clicking the Support button near the top right hand corner of the screen. Alternatively you can visit our Freshdesk page directly.

Phone support

General technical phone support for ezyVet is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Phone International: +64 9 280 6210 Phone within New Zealand: 0800 399 838 (0800 EZYVET) Phone within Australia: 1300 399 838 (1300 EZYVET) Phone within United States: 1844 4399 838 (1844 4 EZYVET) Phone within the United Kingdom: +44 2035 149 301
Phone Support
Want your templates to look more professional or just need someone to update them for you? Find out more here.
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