Virtual Vet Nurse

A digital employee to assist your clients, 24/7

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Virtual Vet Nurse

A digital employee to assist your clients, 24/7

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Conversational AI technology that automates front-desk workflows. Now with ChatGPT/generative AI capability!

Save front-desk time and generate revenue

Digital AI booking, messaging, e-comm sales, pre and post-consult histories – save your team valuable time, and promote your clinic’s services and offerings.

Provide your clients with 24/7 front-desk access and advice

Let your Virtual Vet Nurse triage queries for your team - streamlining your front desk workflow, and keeping clients happy with immediate responses.

Streamlined live bookings and client files with ezyVet

Integrated with ezyVet to allow your clients make a portal-free live booking direct into your ezyVet calendar.

Fully personalized to your clinic, and a turnkey solution

Your Virtual Vet Nurse is personalized to your practice (you choose their name & gender), takes less than 10 minutes to install and has zero ongoing maintenance.

Improve client compliance and treatment outcomes

Educate your clients on a range of healthcare topics and information. Connect to the world’s first digital human pet care advocate — Digital Human Sophie.

Risk-free, affordable monthly subscription

Simple online onboarding. No minimum term, you can cancel at any time.

Improve the client experience with the ezyVet & Virtual Vet Nurse integration

To cater to their busy lives, clients increasingly demand fast, easy booking systems – ones that allow them to make appointments quickly, and when it suits them. Virtual Vet Nurse provides real-time integration with ezyVet, allowing clients to make bookings without having to log in to the portal or remember passwords.

The integration allows access to your calendar and is easily set up to suit your clinic’s preferred booking systems. You can choose:

  • Auto or manual confirmation of appointments.
  • Buffer times between appointments.
  • Priority booking or weekend surcharges.
  • Advance booking time-frame preferences.
  • New client onboarding (or existing clients only).
  • Other clinic protocols.
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The Virtual Vet Nurse connects vets and their clients to the digital highway

The Virtual Vet Nurse story began in New Zealand during the early days of the global pandemic, to support a veterinary profession under immense pressure. Now, in 2022, Virtual Vet Nurse connects veterinary clinics around the world to the best in emerging digital technologies. Virtual Vet nurses are designed and made for veterinary teams, by vets.

Virtual Vet Nurse integrates existing proven platforms with emerging, intelligent digital technology from world-leading companies including Ambit AI and Uneeq. With a technology team including platform and API engineers, and experts in AI and natural language processing (NLP), Virtual Vet Nurse works closely with multinational brand partners including Mars/Royal Canin and Zoetis.

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