Data Security: No longer an afterthought

How a ransomware attack to an Ohio family-owned clinic spurred the move from server to cloud.

Care Animal Hospital Team + Bulldog

Nightmare scenario: getting hit by ransomware

Complete Care Animal Hospital sees pets as family and offers full-service veterinary care in Mount Vernon, Ohio, with a commitment to excellence in all areas of animal wellbeing.

Before ezyVet, the practice used server-based practice management software, which ended up getting compromised by ransomware in 2018. The hacking was a nightmare scenario that showed the team the importance of modernizing their practice. Since making the switch to cloud software, they haven’t looked back.

We spoke with veterinarian and practice owner Dr Amanda Rogers, who was responsible for modernizing Complete Care Veterinary Hospital’s systems. Amanda is a local leader in veterinary medicine. Since entering the industry in her high school days, she’s earned a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, gained membership to several veterinary boards and associations, and still volunteers for a number animal care causes.

The problems Complete Care Animal Hospital faced with a server-based practice management software

A 20-year-old server-based software came with the purchase of the business. Because of its familiarity and the team’s key focus being animal care, changing practice management software hadn’t been a big priority until then – and the previous owners were very reluctant to look at new systems given everything was working as it needed to.

That all changed in early 2018, when their server-based solution was hacked with ransomware. Dr Rogers never thought a small clinic like hers would be target to something like this, especially when they were taking all the right security measures. “The whole hospital went down because we had ransomware. Thankfully, I backed up every night so I didn’t pay anybody to get my data back, but I had to dump a day’s worth of work,” Dr Rogers recalled. Luckily the team was able to recreate the data with receipts and the like, but this really put their current solution under the spotlight and made them re-evaluate whether this really was the right option for the future.

“Our software was wonderful when it first started, but then it got sold and [the new company] weren’t updating it, so it just became a mess,” Dr Rogers said. As a younger veterinarian, she began to reflect that the efficiency was just not there, “I wanted to do more and more of my record keeping digitally, and do regular day-to-day tasks effectively without reinventing the wheel every time.”

In light of recent events, security was also a key concern. Dr Rogers wanted to work with a software provider that was prepared and had the resources to protect her practice’s data, so the team could focus on doing what they do best – providing exceptional animal care.

“The whole hospital went down when we got hacked.”

Dr Amanda Rogers

Owner, Complete Care Veterinary Hospital

Care Animal Hospital Team + Office

What brought Complete Care Animal Hospital to ezyVet, and how the team has found it

Dr Rogers and the team looked at two other cloud systems before going ahead with ezyVet. They eventually settled on ezyVet for its depth of functionality, which suited their workflows best, “…and after talking to the ezyVet team, I was a lot more comfortable about data security,” Dr Rogers confirmed. As ezyVet is cloud-based, information is automatically backed up and stored on the cloud, and not physically on a server based within the hospital.

While the upfront onboarding cost was higher, Dr Rogers found it was worth the investment – especially since ezyVet brought people on-site during implementation to ensure a smooth go-live. Having someone there in the case anything didn’t unfold quite as expected was invaluable. There was also some training involved because employees had previously lived in an invoice, whereas ezyVet allowed them to work directly in the Clinical Record, allowing any related costs to a procedure or appointment to be automatically added to the invoice.

“Hands down, the biggest improvement has been efficiency,” Dr Rogers told us. “Today I had a busy day and added in an emergency surgery, but all the charts are done for the day versus having to work six hours on a Saturday to catch up.” The SOAPs in ezyVet have saved Dr Rogers and her veterinarians days of work as charts and medical records are completed with all the details in real time.

“The pre-built templates mean if I diagnose a patient, I can just type in a quick shorthand which brings up all the information I need to give clients, rather than typing everything manually each time. This also means my medical records are as detailed as possible,” Dr Rogers explained. This helps ensure the Clinical Care Veterinary Hospital team are performing the best standard of care and that communications have all the necessary information every time.

Integrating ezyVet with IDEXX has also helped Dr Rogers and the team capture charges that could otherwise be missed. “Tests now can’t be run without being pushed through to the Clinical Record and added to the invoice. Don’t get me wrong, missed charges can still occur for any veterinary hospital but ezyVet has definitely helped us minimize that.”

Team at Complete Care Animal Hospital

What we love most about the new practice management software

Dr Rogers has also found an increase in revenue since implementing ezyVet thanks to saved time, increased efficiency, and reduction in missed charges – as well as ezyVet’s reminder system which automatically texts or emails clients when check-ups or other preventative care is due for their pets.

“Overall, I really love ezyVet and it has worked well for me in terms of record keeping. The efficiency is so much better, and I love how customizable it is. I’m a firm believer that all of us can continue to grow ourselves and our products, so I really like that ezyVet is constantly evolving with veterinary medicine as the industry changes.”

Although Dr Rogers admits the scare of the ransomware attack did nudge her into seriously considering a more secure solution, data security was just one factor. With ezyVet, Complete Care Animal Hospital is now set up to adapt to the evolution of veterinary medicine for the next twenty years while running sustainable business. Dr Rogers can sleep easy knowing her hospital’s information and data is in safe hands.

“I really like that ezyVet is constantly evolving with veterinary medicine as the industry changes.”

Dr Amanda Rogers

Owner, Complete Care Veterinary Hospital