Get to know Pouya Ataei, Development Lead Architect at ezyVet. 💡 We learn how he incorporates his passion for both software engineering and software architecture into his role. 

What's Quacking with Pouya Ataei

What made you want to join ezyVet? 

I saw an opportunity to work on a technically complicated product and liked that the scale of work reaches many corners of the globe. Plus the friendly work environment and culture were very enticing too. 🙌

What has been your experience in the tech industry so far? 

My first job was in the academic field; I was a teaching assistant at a university and helped students with their coding challenges. 🎓 I then went on to explore more of the industry and joined corporate giants such as Vodafone, and Infosys. Along the way, I worked at agencies and small companies too. There have been at least four start-ups that I was part of, and many other ideas that I worked on in the short term. I have also founded my own company and work on a product for two years. 

How would you describe your day job to a 3-year-old?

I would show them software or a device they frequently use and explain that I know how to create those things. 😊

How does your day-to-day work help ezyVet customers? 

Most of my time revolves around software architecture, strategic decision making, code reviews, feature implementation, modelling, and pair programming. Having the right ‘behind the scenes’ structure and framework in place helps make for a stable software environment, which our customers rely on to run their businesses.

What are the tools of the trade you're currently working with in your tech stack?

As I cover both software engineering and software architecture, I'll categorize as such:
Software engineering - GoLang, React, Nodejs, Apollo, Graphql, Typescript, Kubernetes, Terraform, Laravel
Software architecture
- Archimate, TOGAF, BPMN, DDD, BDD

    What big projects are you working on? 

    What’s great about working at ezyVet is there’s always a lot projects going on, so I’m never bored. Here’s a few I’m currently working on:

    • Decentralized and distributed data layer
    • Enterprise software architecture with TOGAF and Archimate
    • ezyvet Design system
    • Microfrontends

    In 3 years, what do you hope to have achieved at ezyVet?

    In relation to the projects I mentioned above:

    • Enterprise architecture
    • Microservices in place
    • Big data
    • Micro frontends
    • Design system

    What do you like to do outside of work?

    In my downtime, I enjoy exercising, cooking, playing games, hiking, music, and futsal. 👟⚽

    I’m big on continuous growth and learning, so I attend a lot of conferences to get ideas from my industry peers. A few include Geekle, QCon by InfoQ, Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS), Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC). I’ve even been fortunate to present at Geekle and ACIS, so it’s a great way for me to share my experiences too. Next up is APSEC where I’ll be presenting my new decentralized and distributed big data reference architecture, Neomycelia. 

    If you could pick anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

    Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, computer scientists and pioneers who created the C programming language, Unix operating system, and B programming language. It would be great to get guidance from them on their craft.

    Do you have any pets, what are they like?

      Not yet! But soon I will be adopting a ginger kitten. 😺 A fellow ezyCat and colleague is a foster mum and she put the word out that the kittens under her care need new homes.

      What is your favorite quote?

        “You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” Deepak Chopra

        Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for the company?

        Be original, be yourself, and don’t worry about your limitations. As long as you are passionate, courageous, and yearning to grow, we root for you! 🌱

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