The focus for most veterinary practices is setting goals for improving practice efficiency, patient outcomes and ultimately providing the best standard of care. These goals are part and parcel of running a successful clinic, but an area that is often overlooked or deprioritized, however, is marketing. Marketing isn't just about bringing new customers in the door but enhancing client relationships and creating value during their journey with you.

You can easily do this within your ezyVet site, and we've put together 7 key areas you can start using straight away to keep your current customers engaged and continuously build your presence within the community.

How ezyVet can market your veterinary practice?

1. Have a clear strategy

    It's important to have a clear plan for what you want to achieve. Identify measurable success metrics and your ideal outcomes - don't be afraid to place numbers down as a goal. I.e. X% increase in repeat visits, X% more over-the-counter sales. This will then guide you on what type of content and offers you can share with new and existing customers. Consistency is key and keeping to your plan not only helps create a better customer experience but helps build credibility, and trust in your practice.

    2. Create engaging templates

    Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of growing engagement from your customers and helping to build and develop your brand within the community. You can get started straight away with small updates, by making sure all templates have your company logo, do they have a clear call to action to encourage customers to book in for an appointment, and adding hyperlinks to make a booking through the ebooking portal. These are all ways you can help encourage repeat customers and sales. 

    3. Automated communications

    ezyVet's automated communications are a powerful feature that allows the software to do all the hard work for you. To get the most out of the feature, it's important that you have set these up correctly. Do you have these configured to run automatically? Are you using both email and SMS functionality? 

    4. Bulk communications

    ezyVet's records dashboard allows you to create targeted bulk send-outs. This could be a monthly newsletter or could be a win-back campaign for customers that have lapsed or become unengaged. Using ezyVet to create a win-back email campaign is one way to help reignite your relationship with those customers who haven't been in your practice for a while.

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      5. Take bookings through the ebooking Portal

      The online ebooking portal creates a 24/7 front-of-house, helping to enhance the client experience by giving customers access to make appointments from the comfort of their own home any time of the day. Meaning you are reducing the chance of missing any potential bookings.  The convenience of online bookings is key for new and existing customers.

      6. Wellness loyalty program

      Wellness plans help promote proactive, preventative care, leading to earlier disease detection and management with the goal of improved patient outcomes. Utilizing our Wellness module with help creates client convenience, improves cash flow, promotes proactive care, and helps build loyalty from your customers.

      7. Segment your data

      The records dashboard allows you to segment your data, giving you the freedom to create targeted campaigns for any group, from lost clients to top spenders. While this may take time to complete, your efforts will pay off as you'll be able to reach the right target audience with the right message.

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