The Records Dashboard is found under the Dashboard module, and is a powerful ezyVet tool that allows you to generate customized reports based on several different filters. Furthermore, it allows you to perform a variety of bulk actions on these lists. The team at ezyVet are always updating and adding new functionality to the records dashboard, allowing you to really take control over your data. Here are 6 ways you can utilize the Records Dashboard to help you run your veterinary practice a little smoother:

1. Update User Settings in Bulk

The records dashboard is a good way to update veterinary user settings in bulk. If you have one or many setting you would like to apply to several different vet users, no longer do you have to go into each and every user to update the record. Open the bulk edit user settings pop-up and apply as many user settings at once, saving as you go if you wish.

Please note: for access to this tool, you will need permissions to edit user settings.

For a step by step guide, please refer to the help guide ‘Records Dashboard – how to bulk update user settings’.

2. Mass Bill Function

A recent addition to the records dashboard is our mass bill function. This allows you to duplicate an invoice and bill to multiple clients at once. The mass bill function is useful when it comes to applying monthly fees to groups of clients such as syndicate members. You can decide whether these are created as approved or unapproved, select the date of the invoice and apply as many products as you like.

For more information, please check out our help guide ‘Records Dashboard – How to Mass Bill / Invoice Clients’.

3. Tidy Your Products List

Every now and then your products list may benefit from a good clean up, and the Records Dashboard is the perfect tool to do this in bulk. Not only can you generate a list and sort based on a variety of product characteristics, but you can also perform many actions such as:

  • Updating prices
  • Updating product codes or names
  • Moving products from one group to another
  • Setting product properties such as whether the product is a medication or not.

And these are only some of the things that can be done using the Records Dashboard!

For more information on how to use the records dashboard to tidy your products, please refer to the help guide ‘Records Dashboard – Tidy Products’.

4. Mass Marketing

Use the power of the Records Dashboard to market to your clients! Generate a communication such as an SMS, select your clients and send it all out in one click! For example, you may want to let your customers who have purchased a flea product in the last six months know that the product is on special. With the right variables in your template to pull customized information, you no longer need to worry about creating communications for each client manually.

Refer to our help guide ‘Records Dashboard – Generate Mass Communications’ for more information.

5. New Customer List

Need to see a list of your veterinary clinic's most recent contacts so you can send them a welcome letter? No problem. Continuing from number 4, create a list of your most recently created contacts and plug in your own date restrictions. Once you have this list, generate a mass communication from the Records Dashboard, send them a welcome letter and invite them back again soon!

For a step by step guide to generating a new client list, please refer to the help guide ‘Records Dashboard – New Client List’. From here, refer to the help guide in number 4 for how to send out a mass communication to these clients.

6. Customize Your Reporting

ezyVet has a great reporting module with a set of standard reports for you to use whenever you like, and these are useful for things such as payment summaries, aged receivables or the End of Day Wizard. However, if you want more control of what information the report generates with particular inclusions and/or exclusions, the Records Dashboard may be exactly what you need. Nowhere else in ezyVet can you customize a search so extensively. This is not to say that the information you are after might not be able to be pulled from the reporting tab, however it may require some further manipulation to an Excel document. With the Records Dashboard, ezyVet does the data manipulation for you and gives you only the information you want. Say for example, you want to find all the Labradors that have received a particular medication, with a specific master problem! In addition, you can save your specific filters to use them again in the future.

The records dashboard is one of many great features ezyVet has to offer. Click the button below if you would like to learn more about what ezyVet has to offer and how these features can help your vet practice. For more tips on getting the most out of your software, check out our blog 6 ezyTips To Help You Use ezyVet Like A Pro.