How often do people assume that because you work at a veterinary practice you spend all day with kittens and puppies, but they don't actually realize that a huge part of what you do is actually working with their human counterparts? Long gone are the days when you would take your sick dog to see the vet and they would be taken away behind closed doors with little to no visibility about what's happening 'out back'. In this day and age pets are an extension of the family, and pet owners have an expectation to be taken on the journey alongside vets & vet Techs as they care for their furry family members.

If you find yourself nodding, you know what we're talking about! In today's market there is so much competition that the clients are in the driver's seat, and can pick and choose where they take their pets to be cared for - so how can you ensure that your clients keep coming back time and time again, and don't jump ship for a new practice with a promotion down the road? Create an unparalleled customer experience that develops an outstanding relationship with the client making them, and their pet, feel like part of the furniture.

#1 Carry out customizable care with Product Bundles.

As a vet or vet tech, you know that no two treatment plans are the same, to help keep it simple and be able to easily treat all different types of patients. Product Bundles were created letting practices configure a customizable one-size-fits-all approach. 

It might sound like a paradox, but, when a Bundle is built it includes all the products that could be used for a specific procedure, which can cater to different breeds and different vet's protocols, meaning each vet can tailor how they treat each patient, by simply using the ''one size fits all Bundle'' approach, adjust which products and quantities within the bundle best suit your patient, then zero out any unused bundle items. This way you can scale up or down the product quantity required based on the patient weight or breed without needing the add or subtract individual products to the clinical record. It's easy to carry out customizable care when you're armed with the right tools.

Check out our Benefits of Bundles video below, which shares 5 key reasons your team should start using Product Bundles at your practice.

#2 Control what's on the client Invoice

We all know that not all clients are the same, so it’s important that you have complete control over what each client sees on an invoice, sometimes you need to provide a full breakdown, other times a high-level overview is all you need. With Product Bundles, you now have the ability to choose between 3 different printed invoice visibility, simply click the icon to move between the 3 different options, crossed out eye icon, eye icon, and a dollar sign.

- If the crossed-out eye icon is selected for the invoice line item your client will only see the parent line with no pricing included, ideal for providing a high-level overview to your client without getting into the nitty-gritty details.

- If the eye icon is selected for the invoice line your client will see the parent line and the child lines but will only see the total price, not a breakdown of the individual components, ideal for providing a more detailed overview to your client without getting lost in the pricing detail.

- If the dollar sign is selected for the invoice line your client will see everything; parent line detail with overall price and child line detail with an individual price breakdown, ideal for providing a detailed invoice to your client that wants to know all the nuts and bolts that went into their animals care.

    #3 Control the patient's demeanor status

    It’s no secret a visit to the vet can be a stressful, anxiety-ridden experience for the pet, which may cause them to react differently to how they would at home. We all know there aren't many clients that want to know their pet has be marked with an 'Aggressive' or 'Caution' label, and rightfully so. To help customize the experience for each client, we've added increased functionality which gives you control over what the client sees when you need to run them through a Patient or Clinical Record. By selecting the icon next to Demeanors in the sidebar it will change how the Demeanor status is displayed.

    Check out our Tips and Tricks | Customizing Demeanor Statuses video below, so you can dive deeper into how to configure custom Demeanor Statuses.

    #4 Customize client communication 

    As a vet & vet tech, you understand the importance of remembering customer's names when they bring their pets into the clinic but are you putting the same value into customizing your communication? The days of ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ are hopefully behind us and personalization has become a crucial component when communicating with customers. 

    Customized Communication helps to make a customer feel special but also helps to build client engagement. There are many ways within ezyVet you can start customizing your communication, however one key area is updating your existing document templates, SMS, and email communications to be personalized by incorporating ezyVet variables into your templates, once configured ezyVet will do the hard work for you and automatically personalize the communication by populating with the customer's details. This is just one quick and easy way you can start personalizing the customer experience.

    To dive deeper into what variables you can use to personalize client communications head to your help tab and search 'About template variables'.

    When one size doesn't fit all

    Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. We can all agree that taking a one size fits all approach is a thing of the past, today's pet owners want a customized experience to ensure that a trip to the vet is a positive experience for both them and their pet and they are made to feel special, heard and an important part of your extended team. Providing an experience that builds happy clients will create positive feedback to others and will ensure both repeat customers and new clients. 

    Want to learn more about how you can customize ezyVet your way?

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