ezyVet Modeus controlled drugs

One of the biggest pain points encountered by vet clinics is the reconciliation of drug stock. The purpose of stock reconciliations, whether they are done monthly, weekly or daily, is to ensure vet practices are keeping accurate records of their medication transactions, and are legally required to be performed to safeguard against inconsistent register recording habits and the potential of drug abuse or misappropriation by staff.

So what are the most common pain points associated with reconciling paper drug registers?

Perhaps staff have made subtraction errors when populating the register?  Perhaps they annotated the wrong drug or perhaps the correct drug but the wrong strength? Perhaps they simply forgot to write their daily entries into the CD logbook? Or perhaps a staff member’s handwriting is illegible?

For clinics that may experience issues such as these, stock reconciliations can quickly become a nightmare, leading to prolonged investigations, rummaging through pages and pages of entries trying to locate the source of the errors. All would agree, any time spent on investigating medication transcription errors would be better spent on productive activities like attending to their patients.

It is for these reasons that migrating from paper to electronic controlled drug registers makes sound business logic. Let’s take a look at 4 main benefits electronic registers have over paper:


With electronic registers such as Vet S8, It is virtually impossible for staff to ‘forget’ to populate daily entries due to one main factor - integration with ezyVet. Upon invoicing for a controlled drug in ezyVet, the relevant data gets pulled across to Vet S8 and remains in pending status, awaiting confirmation and signoff by the user. Therefore even if they forget to approve the entry in Vet S8, straight away, it will still be waiting for them in ‘pending’ status at the end of the day, or when they next go to the system.


Electronic registers simply do not have issues with legibility or manual addition and subtractions like paper registers often have. The result of this is your register entries will always be legible and the balances more accurate.


Another significant benefit of integration with ezyVet is that it will eliminate the 'double entry’ of data meaning that you are not replicating the same data in your register when it can simply be pulled across from ezyVet. This saves vet clinics significant time every day by not having to bother wasting time on recording manual paper entries! It just makes sense to automate the entries through integration.

ezyVet's integration with VetS8 also eliminates transcription errors and double-entry between the 2 systems. This increases the accuracy and saves the vet clinic significant time.


Vet S8 also has intelligent functionality built into the system that paper registers simply cannot provide. One such function is the ability to receive real-time alerts for certain processes that may cause issues with reconciliations, such as stock adjustments or stock check discrepancies. These transactions may be considered ‘high risk’ events and an alert notification will be sent in real-time to whoever is set up to receive them, such as the Vet practice manager or owner. They can then investigate as soon as possible, meaning that potential issues are picked up instantly, rather than at a later time or whenever the stock reconciliation is performed.

For more information on how the Vet S8 with ezyVet integration works and Modeus contact details, please visit our partner page.