March & April Product Release Update

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Product Enhancements

Comprehensive error message

Better error messages to prevent invoicing problems caused by adding a product bundle to a billing trigger when the product bundle has a product that does not have a department price set for the department that you are signed in to from release 34.7.

Invoice line staff member override​​

From now on, when you edit the clinical record of a diagnostic or integrated diagnostic, it will no longer overwrite the staff member on the invoice line to the original case owner.

This is beneficial to large hospitals that have other departments that outsource their diagnostic work. A common use case is when a staff member in the other department completes the diagnostic work and updates the invoice line staff member entry to themselves to receive commission for that work. From release 34.9 onwards, when you edit the clinical record of a diagnostic or integrated diagnostic product, even if you're just updating your notes, it will no longer change the staff member on the invoice line to the staff member is set on the clinical record.

Product Changes for Travel Billing Fixed Fees

We have improved the travel billing workflow on the appointment booking screen in ezyVet. Separating the travel billing into its own section below the appointment address, for both the variable and fixed travel billing products. Previously appointments with travel billing fees were displayed under the Billing Trigger Products on the right. This is only for appointment types that have Charge Travel Fee set. When you change the client address the variable distance is automatically updated based on the distance set on the client record in release 34.7.

Partner Expansion

Trupanion was launched in the USA & Canada​, Trupanion's focus is to ease the burden of financial conversations, giving you time to focus on what matters most – your patients.

What is Trupanion?

Trupanion provides medical insurance for cats & dogs throughout ​North America, and allows any vet hospital to receive immediate payment at checkout.

What does this mean for you?

Provide your clients an alternative way to make an insurance claim, it's quick and easy, and all done via the ezyVet dashboard. The Trupanion integration makes it easy for hospitals to grow their insured client base, manage claims, and more – all within ezyVet!

Ready for use ✅ Issue uninsured clients the Exam Day Offer from the ezyVet dashboard in just a few clicks!

Coming Soon 🐣 Managing claims in ezyVet: send & view claims directly from patient records.​

Coming Soon 🐣 Pre-Approvals: provide clients with peace of mind by letting them know what will be covered.

Vet Radar's New Feature: CRI Calculator

What is Vet Radar?

Vet Radar is Patient Care software that assists in guiding your patient through every stage of the treatment journey, helping you save time, reduce workload stress and improve patient care.

What does this mean for you?

Vet Radar's new continuous rate of infusion (CRI) calculator can calculate the infusion rate of fluid therapy medication. You will be able to easily calculate the necessary infusion rate to medicate patients at a specified dose, using both undiluted and diluted dose calculations. Want to learn more? Check out the Help Article to start using the CRI Calculator today.

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