January & February Product Release Update

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ezyVet Enhancements:

Estimates and Invoicing Updates

Saving signed estimates as attachments

You can now convert signed estimates into an attachment and view this attachment in your clinical, patient, and contact records. If it was related to an appointment, you are also able to view this on the appointment record.

Locking comments in approved invoices

To ensure integrity is maintained on your invoice over time, and to be able to track and report on your invoice comments effectively, your comments are now automatically locked when you approve the invoice.

Treatment date inclusion in invoice lines report

In invoices it will display a date and time which you are now able to report on in the invoice lines report. When you export the report, you will see it adds a column ‘invoice line date’.

SMS Messaging Updates

SMS compliance update for the US and Canada

Compliance requirements put in place by our service provider mean that ezyVet must comply by adding a mandatory unsubscribe message, which is necessary for compliance with ezyVet's SMS provider and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The message will be automatically added to your SMS messages once every 28 days. The message is ‘Reply STOP to unsubscribe’.

ezyVet GO Enhancements:

Selecting an inventory location

Are you using your vehicle as an inventory location when on the go? ezyVet Go now has the ability to select an inventory location. Instead of having it selected as your default location, you can now select the location best suited to your inventory needs.

Settings Page Updates

Setting enhancements

Understand what each setting does by clicking the ‘?’ beside each setting title to understand more about the setting and how to best use it.

Calendar view

Find your colleagues' calendars easily by selecting their name or department.

Vet Radar Enhancements:

Custom schedules

Not all treatments are created on a regularly repeating schedule which is why we have created custom treatment schedules. Custom schedules allow you to schedule treatments for your patients at any time and can be adjusted as needed. This can be aligned with other treatment times or with the schedule of your staff within the clinic.

Integration and Partnership Updates


We have added an automated pop-up to your appointment dashboard to make the processing of exam day offers a lot faster. When you toggle this feature ‘on’ in the settings you can choose the appointment status and the appointment type and tailor this to your practices needs.