3 ways to increase practice profits and performance

Running a successful practice isn’t just about delivering high quality patient care. You're also running a business, and that means you’ve got to think about your finances, too. Vet Radar will increase profitability and streamline your business operations.

Benefits of using Vet Radar

  • Automatic charge capture
    Vet Radar captures all billable products, treatments and procedures, and automatically sends it straight to the ezyVet invoice. This eliminates the risk of missed charges and ensures you are compensated for your work.
  • Cloud-based with regular updates
    Vet Radar is 100% cloud-based, which means you’ll never have to worry about expensive server maintenance and upgrades ever again. Instead you will enjoy regular automatic updates for continuous improvements and more flexibility.
  • Smart treatment sheets and task management
    Vet Radar comes with a bunch of automation and templating features that can be used to streamline just about every aspect of your practice. Saving even just a few seconds here and there on repetitive tasks can add up to hours of time saved over the course of a week.

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