3 steps to better patient care with Vet Radar

Maintaining a gold standard of care in the fast-paced world of veterinary medicine is often easier said than done. When busy staff are pressed for time and dealing with a dozen competing priorities, it’s all too easy to lose track of the finer details of patient care. Vet Radar helps you reduce your admin workload and provide better patient care.

Benefits of using Vet Radar

  • Easily monitor anesthesia
    Vet Radar’s digital anesthesia sheet accurately monitors the patient’s vitals once entered into the software, and automatically adds treatments that are related to the surgery.
  • Increase accuracy with fluid calculators
    Clinical accuracy and safety are supported by Vet Radar's fluid therapy calculators. All you need to do is add in the dose rate. The total dosage, total volume and billing quantity will be automatically calculated for you and sent back to ezyVet for billing.
  • Electronic whiteboard
    Vet Radar’s electronic whiteboard gives your team full visibility into their daily tasks, so everybody can see which patients are checked in, the status of what tasks need to be done, and when they need to do it.

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