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Cloud-based veterinary practice management software

Easy to use software that will help veterinary practices save time, increase revenue, communicate better with clients and reduce workload stress.

Why choose ezyVet?

ezyVet will help reduce workload stress, support your clinical operations and boost business performance, making your team happier and your clients satisfied with your service.

Save time

Our automation tools and advanced templating system will improve your team's efficiency, by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks.

Easy to use

Easy to use and intuitive software, that will reduce time spent on training and onboarding your team.

Improve patient care

ezyVet enables you to collaborate with your entire team, reduce errors that can put patients in harm's way, and keep medical records more accurate and legible.

Communication tools

Our tools will allow you to communicate with the right clients at the right time with templated and automated messaging tools.

Bank level security

ezyVet used powerful data encryption and role-based access control to ensure that only authorised users can access your data.

Increase revenue

Our charge capture solution will prevent loss of revenue and ensure all your work is automatically invoiced and billed to the client as you go.

Our integration partners in the UK

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ezyVet is powered by IDEXX, creating the ultimate diagnostic experience

Good practice management software is only part of the story. To have a truly efficient clinic, it's vital to have seamless integrations with other providers that make your clinic tick. Over 50% of ezyVet customers use ezyVet and IDEXX together to create the ultimate diagnostic experience.


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Jam-packed with lots of great tools and features designed to make your day easier and your clients happy

  • Scheduling & Online Bookings
  • Inventory Management
  • Clinical Record
  • Automated Billing Capture
  • Client Communications
  • Advanced & Automated Reporting
  • Telemedicine
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Stay on top of your inventory with National Veterinary Services + ezyVet

Using NVS as an integrated product supplier, you can access a live catalog product list, create purchase orders, receive invoices and have automatic updates to your inventory levels, all within ezyVet.

Reasons you'll enjoy ezyVet

24/7 phone and email support

Customers benefit from email, phone and ticket support, provided by a knowledgeable round-the-clock Support Team, as well as online help guides, webinars and more. All at no extra cost.

Comprehensive onboarding

We understand the transition to a new Practice Management System is no small feat, so we’re with you every step of the way. Our Implementation Specialists ensure you’re set up for success.

Pay per month subscription

Monthly payments based on number of users. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one person show, or a huge hospital with hundreds of staff. You’ll always get access to all our features!


Run your business from anywhere, on any internet-connected device (phone, tablet, computer), all you need is a browser. No server backups required and be delighted by automatic product updates.

Variety of integrations

Connect your entire practice with our ecosystem of trusted partners makes it easy to integrate ezyVet to all of your business partners, tools and software that you love and use every day.

Secure & future-proof

We take your data and it’s security seriously. We adopt world leading tools and partner with the best when it comes to protecting your organization's information.

Get paid faster with integrated payments

Payment terminals integrate seamlessly with ezyVet to deliver an unbeatable customer experience. No more manual processing gives you more time back with your patients and help you go fully paperless.

UK Cloud Vet Software

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UK Cloud Vet Software

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