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Getting started with ezyVet

Launching a new practice management software can reshape the way you run your practice, and our experienced team will assist you every step of the way.

Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital's seamless onboarding experience

Witness the success story of Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital as our dedicated implementation team collaborated with them for a seamless transition to ezyVet. From initial consultation to final go-live, gain valuable insights from their experience.

Overview of implementation

Navigating ezyVet onboarding process

From day one you will be connected with our experienced ezyVet implementation team. Over your implementation period you’ll work closely with the implementation team to configure, set-up, customize, and launch your ezyVet site. During this time, you will have access to tools, resources, and an expert implementer to guide you through the launch process. We’re committed to understanding the uniqueness of your practice and advising on how ezyVet can help you grow and manage your practice to the next level.

Accelerate your Onboarding

Accelerate your onboarding

You’ll be in safe hands with our experienced team of implementation professionals, they come from a wide range of backgrounds found in the veterinary and software industry and have worked with countless vet practices setting up ezyVet. What makes us stand out is our unique approach to implementation. We're right by your side, delving into the finer details and genuinely understanding your practice. This enables us to offer expert advice on ensuring smooth transitions and guiding your staff in adopting best practice.

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Onboarding project timeline

The first step in your ezyVet journey is meeting your implementation team, accessing your live site, understanding what tools you can access to start training and planning your go-live timeline. You’ll have the flexibility to begin site setup immediately from day one and work on your own time. A typical ezyVet implementation follows a project plan that is customized to your needs.

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Navigating the Implementation Process: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does ezyVet offer support for the seamless transfer of historical data from a previous practice management system into the ezyVet system?

  • What measures are take to ensure the accurate transfer of data into ezyVet during the conversion process?

  • Who handles the data migration process in ezyVet?

  • Are training resources available for knowledge refreshment and learning about new features?