Streamline your appointment workflows and clinic communication, so you and your team can focus on patient care.

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Streamline your appointment workflows and clinic communication, so you and your team can focus on patient care.

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Invite clients from ezyVet

Look up ezyVet clients from within the TeleVet platform for quick and easy invite and consultations creation.

Sync appointments

Track appointments in both systems where summary of the consultation will be included in ezyVet's Presenting Problems section, along with a link to open the virtual consult in TeleVet.

Send consultation details

Easily access consult notes and records within ezyVet's clinical record for future reference.

Own the communication

Choose when and how you want to communicate with clients, through video, phone, or text. Easily keep track of all your conversations and consultation notes in one place.

Stop the back and forth

Create custom workflows by consultation type. Keep both your team and clients in the loop throughout the appointment, creating a win-win experience for everyone.

Establish your virtual hours

Have better control of online availability and when clients can book.

How TeleVet works with ezyVet

  • Client consultations can be created within TeleVet by looking up clients in ezyVet by name
  • Easy set up of patient account within TeleVet through a custom link, which also works as the email invite for the client
  • Easy syncing of TeleVet appointments to the ezyVet dashboard calendar
  • Submission of consultation summary and details from TeleVet to the patient’s clinical record in ezyVet. This will show under the appointment’s ‘Presenting Problems’ with a link to begin virtual consultation in TeleVet.
  • Once the virtual consult is complete on TeleVet, consult details can be set to be sent to ezyVet's Physical Exam tab found in the patient's clinical record.
  • Practices have the option to capture consult activity (pictures, video and, chat messages) as a PDF to be saved in the Attachment tab of the patient's clinical record.
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About TeleVet

TeleVet provides technology solutions to veterinary clinics that improve workflow efficiency and enable improved communication between staff and patients. The TeleVet platform enables smoother management of curbside appointments, telemedicine, scheduling, forms, and more. Now, veterinary clinics can use a modern workflow platform to provide the latest in professional care. TeleVet integrates seamlessly into existing Practice Management Systems in under one hour, with unlimited live support.

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