Manage your practice's product ordering with Shoof

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Manage your practice's product ordering with Shoof

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Send purchase orders directly from ezyVet

Take away the daily repetition and stress of supply ordering. Remove the need to double handle tasks, simply send purchase orders straight from ezyVet, to Shoof’s online platform.

Maintain control with automatic price updates

Save time and effort for your team by eliminating manual product pricing updates. Using Shoof as an integrated product supplier you can receive automatic price updates on Shoof's products.

Accurate inventory movement

Reduce unnecessary spend by consistently staying on top of your inventory as ezyVet automatically tracks stock movement.

Keep up to date product batches

Create batches for products upon receiving inventory, ensuring that batch numbers, quantity and expiries are up to date.

Automatic inventory management

Improve efficiencies by setting up order limits and automatically stay on top of your inventory.

How Shoof works with ezyVet

Shoof offers an extensive selection of veterinary products at highly competitive prices including a range of exclusively distributed products. Together with ezyVet, you can streamline your product ordering process. Using Shoof as an integrated product supplier, you can access a live catalog product list, create purchase orders, receive invoices and have automatic updates to your inventory levels, all within ezyVet.

About Shoof

Shoof International Ltd is a developer, manufacturer, importer, exporter, and marketer of veterinary and animal breeding equipment. Shoof's product catalog comprises around 5,000 different products from all parts of the world.

Shoof is founded on a tradition of farm-grown innovation and education - a pioneering spirit that has gone beyond the everyday and introduced unique and hard-to-find products to farmers, lifestyle farmers, and veterinarians everywhere. For them, legacy is about thinking of the future, ensuring what they provide is aligned to the fundamental principle of helping you achieve more every day.

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