Wellness Module


ezyVet now offers a module for managing your wellness plans, built in collaboration with veterinary hospitals to ensure we have what you need in a good wellness platform. Configure your plans, sign your patients up, and let ezyVet do the tracking.

Wellness Wizard

The Wellness Wizard is a reporting tool allowing you to capture monthly subscription fees inside ezyVet. Here you can renew memberships, invoice your clients, and manage payments on outstanding membership fees. An integration with payment solution PayJunction will also be a game-changer for Wellness users in that you will be able to store your client’s ACH details and charge in mass.


Complementing the wellness module, packages allow you to bundle products and services and charge a fixed fee regardless of what is used or not. Create packages for things like procedures, and add your procedures as benefits to your wellness plan!

Doctor Revenue

As part of each plan’s configuration, you can assign a portion of the benefit discount as earnings towards the doctor who enrolled the patient in the plan. You can then report on doctor revenue by using the invoice revenue by group report.


Newly added template variables make it easy to communicate with your patients their savings to date or what they could have saved if they were on your plan. You can now also create automated communication tasks to inform your clients when their plan is due for renewal.

Whether you already offer wellness plans in your clinic or not, you can start from scratch or get us to help you import your existing benefits!