Template System


Templates are an extremely effective way to save time. They automatically enter in all of the information you would normally have to tediously input every time.

Clinical Templates
Instead of typing out all of the findings in a physical exam every time, why not click on a template, have ezyVet pre-populate that everything is normal, and you just adjust what is abnormal!

To increase efficiency and ease with capturing medical notes, it is possible to create popup pick lists using a keyboard and/or mouse to choose an appropriate answer. This involves less typing and so, will save you time.

Use shorthand to set up abbreviations on ezyVet so that when you type the abbreviated form, the full word is actually entered for you automatically.

Product /  Sales Templates
Rather than having to manually add all of the charges for a puppy castration every time, why not have a template product called “Puppy Castration”. When you use this template product it will automatically add all of the relevant items to the invoice.

Reminder Templates
Have pre-written messages that are automatically sent out to clients via email or text that are also personalized! Template variables can be used to insert any relevant information about the animal, client or your hospital.