Faxing Directly from ezyVet

Faxing from ezyVet has never been easier with integrated fax services, making it simple to fax financial and clinical information to other vets directly from the application. Sending information directly from ezyVet to other clinics and customers is a huge time saver and ensures that critical clinical information is accurate and nothing is missed. Note, this service is not available in all countries.

On any of the send screens the relevant fax numbers and contact details you might need are right there and easy to click and send. If you’re a referral clinic this will give you the ability to fax directly to the customer, referring vet clinic or referring vet.

You can easily check the main ezyVet send log or from the customer screen to see exactly what you have sent out, to who and when. Anything that fails to send comes back with a memo so you can resend with the correct number or details.

SMS Messaging

ezyVet provides an SMS messaging service for Products, Vaccinations, Pre-Op Reminders and general messaging to clients.

There are some great reports so you can see which users have been communicating with which customers by SMS.

Please find pricing details on a per use basis here.