Cloud Access from Anywhere – ezyVet on the go

Because ezyVet is natively cloud based it gives you the flexibility to work when and wherever you like.  Literally all you need is internet connectivity and a web browser.  ezyVet runs well on both Microsoft Windows and Apple MAC computers and software solutions.

There is no need for any complicated syncing routines, VPNs, complex and expensive server environments or multiple installs of software on multiple computers.  As long as you have a modern web browser installed on your computer of choice you will be able to run the full version of ezyVet with all of your most up-to-date live data from anywhere.

Historically, clinics were required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures despite exponential costs.  ezyVet gives companies an alternative.   Invest in great business systems, marketing and growing the clinic rather than expensive, complex infrastructure.

As ezyVet is a centrally managed environment, the service includes all updates and upgrades as a managed cloud service.

Supported browsers include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Firefox Google Chrome