Frequent Managed Updates

How do free Upgrades for life sound? We are constantly improving our software and providing these updates to you – this is all part of our service.

You shouldn’t have to pay extra for upgrades and you shouldn’t have to wait either. We are constantly updating and improving our software and push these updates as frequently as weekly.

Because of the platform we use to develop ezyVet, we have a short turnaround time from an initial idea to it going live.   This means that if you request a feature or report an issue that you are having with ezyVet, we will likely be able to make the changes for you very quickly.  Gone are the days of waiting for 6 months for that crucial change or feature that you really need… welcome to the cloud.

Developing What Our Customers Want

One of the unique and great things about ezyVet is that through our feature and user feedback system at, our customers are putting forth the ideas that they feel are valid for new features, voting on them and allowing us to focus on development.  Its a great thing to be part of a project where we develop what our customers want rather than what we think they want.