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New Document Templates

Introducing new dynamic document templating engine allowing for increased customization within financial documents. Version 30 comes with 5 new document template options for Statements, invoices, payments, estimates


What to expect with Document Templates in V30

ezyVet has moved away from hardcoded financial templates, which previously provided limitations to customize for your practice's needs. A new dynamic templating system called 'Twig Templates' contains more advanced features that are not only visually customizable but also provide logic and data customizations, which come with a range of benefits:

  • Instant setup 5 default templates for invoices, statements, estimates, and payment receipts to choose from
  • Customizable financial document bodies, you can now include additional information like product descriptions, invoice line comments, etc.
  • Improved client experience clients can see more information with cleaner formatting and color-coding to your brand
  • Online training available consulting to make your financial templates perfect, tweaking columns, colors, descriptions, and more

Understanding Twig Templates

  • What are Twig Templates?

  • How can I use my existing document templates with the new Twig templating system?

  • Can I use the existing template variables with the Twig template system?

  • What is customizable in Twig Templates?

  • What Document Templates are supported right now on Twig?

  • Want even MORE customization?

Want even MORE customization?

Is your practice interested in going that one step further and want to create their own document templates? Highlight your interest in the Version 30 upgrade form