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DVM and Customer Purchase icons

How much revenue are your customers losing?

Missed charges in the veterinary industry have become commonplace, these mistakes can result in significant financial losses for veterinary practices.

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Protect your profits: Small mistakes make a big impact

Profitability hangs in the balance, and even the smallest missteps can make a big dent. Alarming findings reveal that veterinary practices are hemorrhaging up to $60,000 annually per full-time doctor, all because of missed opportunities to charge for straightforward add-ons and procedures. This isn't just money left on the table—it's their hard-earned revenue slipping through the cracks. It's high time to reclaim what's rightfully theirs.

Automate invoicing directly from the appointment

Streamline operations, boost revenue, and improve accuracy with automated appointment charge capture. ezyVet's automatic charge capture automatically generates invoices for associated products and procedures when appointments are booked, ensuring no charges are missed. Trust ezyVet to handle invoicing while our customers focus on what matters most - providing excellent patient care.

Optimize clinical processes with automatic invoicing

Experience a seamless clinical and invoicing process with our integrated solution. By combining templated clinical histories and automatic bundle billing triggers, users can effortlessly invoice products or procedures whilst completing their clinical histories. Simply edit the quantities of products within the predefined packages and let ezyVet do the rest.

" We use ezyVet to build complex procedure bundles, which include all the items that are used as standard with that procedure. And because the nurse doesn’t have to sit there and price up every single item that's being used because it's already pre-built within that bundle, it's saving an enormous amount of time that they can then dedicate towards patient care."


Veterinary Ophthalmologist and Founder of Optivet, Optivet,

Seamless invoicing paired with diagnostics

We understand the significant financial impact unbilled diagnostic tests can have on a practice. With the integration of ezyVet's picklist and billing triggers, we provide robust support to ensure that every diagnostic test is accurately invoiced, whilst facilitating the generation of clinical histories and sending diagnostic requests to both in-house and external laboratories.

Studies reveal that approximately 17% of diagnostic tests go unbilled, how much are unbilled diagnostics costing your customers?

Total annual diagnostic revenue x 17% = Potential missed diagnostic revenue,

Frictionless invoicing with Vet Radar & ezyVet

Capture charges seamlessly, get paid promptly, and simplify workflows. No more missed charges or billing errors. Simply continue daily workflow in Vet Radar and this will automatically transfer billable items directly to ezyVet's invoice, ensuring accurate charge capture and improved revenue.

“I definitely think that ezyVet supports our profitability and our numbers clearly show that,” says Kristina. It’s a lot harder to miss charges with ezyVet than it is with other systems. Everything you do - say, you put through a diagnostic request, or enter a procedure - activates a billing trigger, which helps us reduce missed charges and allows for greater billing consistency.”


Co-owner and Veterinarian, Elon Oaks Veterinary Hospital,