Collecting online payments has never been easier for practices

ezyVet has added online payment functionality to the Windcave integration.

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It’s no secret that online payments are the way of the future. Over the past five years, the number of global digital shoppers has increased by a whopping 40%, while the value of global ecommerce payment transactions is expected to grow by 55% between 2021 and 2026.

It’s clear that client expectations are changing. To reflect the growing need for a convenient online payment system, we’ve been busy building on our Windcave integration to create the very best digital payment experience possible.

I love the remote payments! It has been so good for us, easy to use and easy for the clients to make payment. It has also captured some overdue payers. It was easy to set up and has worked really well.


Accounts Manager, Canterbury Equine Clinic

ezyVet has added online payment functionality to the Windcave integration

Our Windcave integration now provides online payment functionality, enabling your clients to pay digitally for your products and services. Practices now have a secure way to facilitate online payments, which makes paying for veterinary services as easy as online shopping.

  1. Make it easier for your clients to pay you from anywhere
    Enable your clients to pay their bills through a secure payment link generated by your staff within ezyVet. The unique link can be sent by SMS or email or accessed in the client’s Customer Portal.

    How remote payment link is generated on ezyVet's payment screen
    How the remote payment link is generated on ezyVet's payment screen

    Windcave Payment Gateway example
    The Windcave payment gateway clients see

  2. Receive automatic payment and invoice reconciliation
    No manual reconciliation and no more waiting for the bank transfer to clear! Payment status automatically updates from ‘Pending Payment’ to ‘Accepted Payment’ in the client record when the payment clears, eliminating the risk of human error.
  3. Simplify your workflows with remote payments
    Going digital enables you to collect payments regardless of where your clients are physically located. This is perfect for situations where the client does not need to be on-site, such as taking a deposit for an upcoming surgery or charging for a prescription refill.
  4. Better Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
    Securely collect sensitive client credit card details without any manual input from your staff.
  5. Safely store client card details for payment of future invoices – COMING SOON
    Give your clients the option to securely store their payment details with you and simplify future payments.

Remote payments have improved our efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction. It has made life a lot easier, yes. We're looking forward to deeper integration around over-the-phone payments and tokenisation later this year.

Dr P Adams

Director, Knutsford Veterinary Surgery

Ready to start using remote payments in ezyVet?

Get in touch with Windcave to take advantage of the new remote payment functionality today!

Nothing changes for your existing payment methods. The only thing that will be different is that you’ll have a new convenient way to let your clients pay their vet bills online.

Windcave is available for ezyVet practices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.