'We're changing the world of veterinary medicine' - Sophie Griffiths' journey with ezyVet

Sophie Griffiths took a chance on ezyVet when she moved to New Zealand. The only thing she's looking back on now are her memories.

Five years ago, Sophie Griffiths was a swim teacher in her home town in Melbourne, Australia. When her mother, Vet and owner of a small animal general practice called '313 Vets' in Hawthorn begun their journey with ezyVet, Sophie was there helping her mum with the transition.

“I have always been decent with computers” Sophie says. “My brain is just wired that way. So I was helping [mum] learn the new system."

Conversation arose that ezyVet was hiring, around the same time that Sophie had started looking for a new job - one that didn’t confine her to a chlorinated pool. Sophie was told she should apply, and before she knew it she was off to Auckland, New Zealand to begin her career with ezyVet.

Four years later, Sophie is celebrating another anniversary in the ezyVet family. The best thing about it, Sophie says, is that she can look back and say, “remember when."

The Journey

When Sophie first started in the humble Newton, Auckland office, there were seven other employees. The database was a lot smaller then, but it was still a very busy role.

“It kept me on my toes, but also kept me entertained. I was enjoying the challenge, learning new things everyday, I’m still learning!"

In the four years Sophie’s been with ezyVet, she has been globe-trotting from King Island, Australia to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Colorado, where she attended the VOS (Veterinary Orthopedic Society) conference – or as she likes to refer to it, Vets on Skis.

“The travel was intense at times but also a lot of fun.”

The new beginnings came with its challenges. Sophie was working hard to learn both Support and Implementation roles, and often struggled being away from her family and friends back home in Australia.

“If you ask my mum, every time I spoke with her I was quitting and coming back home, because it wasn’t the right job for me. Every time, she would talk me out of my perfectionist ways and help me realize there was no book for this company, I could help write the book.”

In only her second year at ezyVet, Sophie had become the Implementation Team Lead, and a highly sought-after knowledge resource both from within the company and from clinics using ezyVet.

Sophie says, “I love a good puzzle and ezyVet presents me with them regularly. One of the best things about this job is changing a clinic or hospital’s business in such a major way. We’re changing the world of veterinary medicine, and whilst not all of our staff can see it first hand, the amount of positive feedback we get is overwhelming. Seeing the excitement on clinic staff’s faces when we can help simplify a 60-minute process into 20 minutes is so satisfying.”

"...I could help write the book."

Sophie Griffiths

Product Owner, ezyVet

Another promotion was soon underway in her third year at ezyVet, to a new title as ‘Special Forces’.

“The name is, as it sounds, special” says Sophie, “I had only suggested it as a joke, but in essence it holds what I do in two simple words.”

Sophie continued as an Implementer but was also assisting and leading the way for some major changes in the team processes. She was a senior knowledge resource, as well as an escalation point for projects needing guidance, all the while training her fast-growing team.

This year, ezyVet opened its Dallas Head Quarters. Being a key player in the company, Sophie jumped at the chance to go to Dallas for three months to help set up the office and train the new employees. With offices in Auckland, London and now Dallas, Sophie believes we’ll soon have a couple more office bases around the world, and “maybe even one in Melbourne, hint, hint”, she jokes.

While the separation from her family and friends in Australia remains a challenge, Sophie has found a family in ezyVet, and she knows her friends and family back home are only a phone call away. “They are the reason I also keep at it, they are backing me 100%, doing something I love. I also enjoy working for a company that, even as it grows, holds on to the social friends and family vibe as best it can.” says Sophie.

When asked where she sees ezyVet in the next five years, and how she plans to be a part of it, she said “I would love to assist zoos to keep their animals fit and healthy. We're building new features everyday and I really enjoy being a part of that design process, expanding the consulting side of our job. I still haven’t quite figured out what my next steps with ezyVet will be, but that’s the best part, and I can imagine they’ll be just as fun and adventurous as the last four years. I’m definitely excited for the next five”.

Here’s to the last four years, and to the next five, Sophie Griffiths!