Spotlighting our favorite 2023 ezyVet enhancements!

Enhancing your experience - exploring ezyVet's top 2023 feature enhancements

At ezyVet, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. This year, in 2023, our focus has been on finding ways to save time, boost practice efficiency, and ultimately allow you to dedicate more valuable time to patients and less on the administrative side of practice life.

Throughout the year, we've rolled out a range of innovative features and improvements designed specifically to empower veterinary professionals like you. Let's take a closer look at some of our favorite additions.

1. We gave ezyVet a facelift

Throughout 2023, we've carefully refined ezyVet, ushering in a fresh and user-friendly interface. This reflects our ongoing commitment to modernize ezyVet and elevate your overall customer experience. We're excited that the new header experience will be available to all customers early next year, marking another milestone in our continuous efforts to enhance your user journey.

2. We simplified the payment experience putting you in control

Creating a seamless payment experience is essential for your front-of-house team and customers. This year we delivered a simple yet impactful feature that puts you back in control. Your team can now effortlessly choose their preferred payment terminal directly at the payment window, eliminating delays and streamlining the entire payment process for a more efficient and customer-friendly experience.

3. We simplified refunds for a stress-free checkout experience


We understand that a hectic checkout can be stressful for everyone involved. In 2023, we prioritized simplicity in the payment experience. Introducing a refined integrated payment refunds enhancement, now you can effortlessly process full or partial refunds directly within ezyVet. Keeping efficiency and accuracy in mind for a stress-free checkout.

4. We made invoicing and payment allocation easier

Previously, ezyVet lacked a user-friendly method for customers to select which invoices they were taking payment for. As part of our focus throughout 2023 to enhance the payment experience, we have introduced a user-friendly toggle option. Now, it's easy to select the specific invoice your customer wants to pay for, ensuring a seamless and efficient payment process.

5. We transformed how you search within ezyVet

We said farewell to tedious searches! In 2023, ezyVet introduced the Global Search feature, offering one-click access to contacts, patients, and clinical records. Conveniently located at the top of ezyVet, it not only saves you time but also enhances practice efficiency, providing quick access to essential information for a seamless workflow.

6. We delivered a world-leading diagnostic experience

This year, we proudly introduced a cutting-edge diagnostic experience. Our seamless integration with IDEXX VetConnect PLUS empowers your team to effortlessly detect trends and assess historical data. Dive into the future of diagnostics - all accessible right within ezyVet.

7. We streamlined support with access to help guides directly from your invoice screen

Invoicing is pivotal and often requires extra guidance. This year, we introduced Contextual Help - a game-changing feature offering instant access to help guides and real-time tips. Your entire team benefits, effortlessly accessing help, and saving valuable time in the quest for information.

8. We created a seamless way to manage inventory

At ezyVet, we recognize the important role inventory management plays in your practice. To alleviate the administrative burden, this year we proudly delivered ezyVet Scan and ezyVet Count - a seamless solution for effortless inventory counting and management. Streamline your processes with confidence!


In 2023, ezyVet underwent major enhancements, prioritizing efficiency and user experience. From a revamped interface to streamlined payment processes, we're committed to saving you time and enhancing your practice.

Curious about how these enhancements can benefit your practice? Book a demo today and explore the full potential of ezyVet in transforming your veterinary practice, making it more efficient, user-friendly, and patient-focused.

Dec 21, 2023