Operating a vet clinic with the most advanced technology leads the way for optimized work flow, improved efficiency, and effortless automation. Intuitive systems are not only limited to use in big hospitals, however trialing these systems in a high pressure environment can only prove how powerful and seamless they can integrate in to your vet practice management.

University Veterinary Specialists (UVS) is a state of the art 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital with a mission to provide customer service, integrity, dedication, innovation, and quality. UVS pride themselves on leveraging their ‘advanced training and latest technologies in the veterinary industry’ including the ultimate hospital trio – ezyVet, Smart Flow and Cubex.

The three systems are all cutting edge forerunners in the vet software industry, offering game changing innovations that are shifting the way modern day vet hospitals operate for the better. Vet management has never been so seamless.

Key benefits of operating with advanced veterinary technologies include:

  • Seamless communication and integration between systems
  • Access to the right things when you need them
  • Proactive automation
  • Paperless environment
  • Access anywhere at any time

Cubex is an inventory management system that provides the solutions needed to manage pharmacy and supplies throughout the veterinary hospital. Their proven dispensing technologies provide a measurable return on investment while helping to increase charge capture, streamline workflow, facilitate regulatory compliance and enhance data analysis. ezyVet's integration with Cubex allows practices to dispense directly from ezyVet with the patient details being sent to Cubex with the click of a button.

Smart Flow is the only Workflow Optimization System that brings a combination of Digital Flow Sheet, Anesthetic Sheet as well as Surgery and ICU whiteboards to improve patient workflow throughout the hospital. The two-way integration with ezyVet brings a unique way of capturing up to 14% more revenue from missed charges.

The trio package offers UVS the opportunity to reach service outcomes, ensuring everything is captured, controlled and recorded. The comprehensive integrations work seamlessly together, giving UVS the tools to be as effective and efficient as they can for better patient care. It's no doubt that UVS would be a dream hospital for anyone to experience. The time and effort put into the perfection of their operational processes are truly impressive. Veterinary practice management can be made easier by tools that work together. Hospitals of all sizes can benefit from implementing cutting edge technology for better veterinary management.

ezyVet, Smart Flow, and Cubex are all systems that can fit into any size practice, and benefits will be undeniable. ezyVet practice management software is a cloud based solution that is perfectly tailored to suit small animal, referral, emergency & specialist, mixed animal and equine veterinary practices. Managing clients, animals, financials, stock, reminders, lab integrations and much more, the benefits of using ezyVet are beyond justifiable in any veterinary practice.