At ezyVet, we know that good product and inventory management is an essential component to running your veterinary practice. That's why we've teamed up with Covetrus to provide joint customers with a more streamlined workflow for ordering and managing their products. 

ezyVet integrates with Covetrus

The cost of not using an integrated product supplier

Without an integrated product supplier solution, the cost to your business can mean lost revenue from missing product price updates, the room for incorrect data entry, and an inefficient use of time with double handling purchase orders and inventory updates.

ezyVet and Covetrus: A simple, faster way to order your products

If you order your products through Covetrus, you can now integrate your ezyVet and Covetrus accounts to streamline your product ordering. An integration with Covetrus allows you to:

  • Use an integrated product list: a live and automatically updated catalog of Covetrus products, visible within your ezyVet products list.
  • Create B2B purchase orders: create your purchase order in ezyVet and send that order to Covetrus in one click. No more double entering your purchase order in both systems.
  • Receive invoices and inventory: receive your Covetrus invoices within ezyVet and automatically update your inventory levels.
  • Troubleshoot any discrepancies between your purchase order and your invoice using ezyVet's receive invoice troubleshooting wizard.

If you're an existing ezyVet customer, click here to get started. For a full list of ezyVet's product supplier integrations, see our Partners page, under 'Product Suppliers'.

About Covetrus

Covetrus is dedicated to advancing the world of veterinary medicine and empowering veterinary healthcare teams across the companion, equine, and large-animal health markets.

Covetrus offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for enhancing practice revenue, operating efficient practices, and delivering high-quality care. Our teams build relationships and serve as trusted advisers to veterinarians, their staff, and other animal health professionals.

About ezyVet

With customers located across six continents, international offices in London (UK), Dallas (TX, USA), Auckland (NZ), and a revenue growth well over 100% for FY19, ezyVet is an internationally focused, high growth software exporter headquartered in New Zealand.

ezyVet provides a highly disruptive, enterprise cloud-based practice management software for large veterinary hospitals globally. Having drawn notable interest over the last 12 months from large corporate customers and major educational facilities including the world-renowned veterinary schools Cornell University, North Carolina State University and Ohio State University, ezyVet has built solutions which are in high demand.

Now, with 94.8% of revenue being generated internationally, 74.8% from their largest market North America and arguable one of the largest cloud-based repository of veterinary medical data in the world, the company is in a strong position to continue expanding its technology offering to the veterinary healthcare market globally.