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ezyVet Academy has comprehensive yet easy to follow courses that give you a complete tour of all our modules. You'll learn best practice workflows to ensure you're getting the most out of ezyVet.

What you'll learn

Getting Started 🚀

A foundational course to get your teams introduced to ezyVet starting with login details, a tour of the software and its different areas, using the calendar, and booking appointments, people and resources. See how appointments are streamlined with sleek online bookings and a sign-in kiosk that can be used in your clinics. Plus, learn how to add new patients and clients, including all the details required for your practice.

Clinical Care 🩺

ezyVet's comprehensive clinical care was designed with experienced vets to ensure a powerful yet simple way to manage records and treatments for patients. This course covers navigating the Clinical Record to find complete medical histories, communication logs, clinical summaries, estimates, forms, documentation, and more.

Your teams will learn how to enter SOAP notes as well as requests and results for medications, vaccinations and diagnostics. Get the basics of procedures, clinical templates, and product bundles to speed up and automate workflows, and ensure there are no missed charges. Plus, see how staff can easily collaborate on cases with simultaneously editable records, time and user stamped notes, and detailed histories that keep everyone in the know.

Transactions 💳

The Payments course goes through all transactional workflows in ezyVet to ensure your practice is always in control financially. We'll cover invoices, payments and payment types, record allocation and partial payments, as well as printing and sending receipts. See how you can personalize client statements, automate charges, create estimates in the click of a button, and automate discounts to save time, increase accuracy, and create an exceptional checkout experience.

Tips and Tricks ✨

This final course will give your staff the tools they need to find essential information and get the most out of ezyVet from the start. This includes managing tabs and internal memos, as well as exploring the changelog which shows all actions performed by staff in different areas of ezyVet – so it's easy to see where records have changed.

Your teams will also become familiar with a range of dashboards which will allow them to manage important tasks from a centralized view such as hospital workflows, communication, diagnostics, refillable medications, prescription and dispense requests, and work lists. We'll also cover how to keep data clean and up-to-date in ezyVet with the ability to disable, restore or merge records in the system. Lastly, we'll walk through key steps to ensure your team is ready and confident for go-live day.

How long you'll have access for ⏲️

Academy access will be provided for 90 days from enrollment, which gives you plenty of time to learn all courses.


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