July & August Product Release Video

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Tune in for the latest product release update about changes and enhancements to ezyVet, keeping you up to date with what we've been working on. Learn more about product and dashboard enhancements, Vet Radar features, and more!

ezyVet Enhancements:

Invoice Enhancements

Bulk edit feature

ezyVet's new streamlined bulk edit feature will allow you to bulk select items on an invoice to apply discounts, change the staff member, or remove items. These buttons can be found in the new bulk edit bar below each invoice, and will help you to reduce horizontal scrolling and make quick updates to your invoices.

Dashboard enhancements

Bulk edit code prefix for animal contacts

We've updated our records dashboard so that you can edit multiple animals' prefixes at once. Simply search for the prefix you are looking to change, select any animals needing to be changed, select Perform action, and Replace Code Prefix.

  • Note: prefixes must include at least one non-numerical character, such as a symbol or letter.
Bulk approve invoice filter

When using the invoice approve option on the records dashboard, customers will now be onbilled.

New option for 'Quantity Equals' for 'Number of Invoices'

This update will allow you to search for contacts who have had an exact amount of invoices issued in a specified period of time.

Bulk enable diagnostic results

When bulk enabling diagnostic results, you will no longer be able to bulk enable diagnostic results that are linked to a locked clinical record. Records that are not able to be enabled due to a locked clinical record will show in an error message.

IDEXX VetConnect PLUS changes
  1. Clicking 'Get results' within the integration tab for IDEXX VetConnect PLUS will allow you to pull missing diagnostic test results for two weeks from a selected start date. Results pulled from sources outside of ezyVet will result in unallocated invoices which can be found in the worklist tab in the dashboard.
  2. To ensure that your VetConnect PLUS integrations validate correctly, we have added boxes for your username, password, and account number for your VetConnect PLUS Reference Labs. Boxes for username, password, and VetLab Station serial number(s) have been added for the VetConnect PLUS IVLS integration.

Patient record enhancements

New icon under S.O.C tab

We've updated our Standard of Care tab to include a new button that will allow you to see your S.O.C history dates. This will show you historical events, and you will be able to see if you are able to restore historical events if they have been manually entered.

Platform enhancements

We have been working to improve our application response time, so that you experience faster page loading times and better handling of large data. We are continuing to develop this so that you can experience even further increased speeds and load times.

Vet Radar Enhancements:

New Patient Sheet header

Our new patient header can be seen horizontally or vertically on the Patient Sheet, allowing you to see a full 24 hour view of your patients treatments and medications without scrolling. The details on this header is customizable and collapsible so that you can utilize the sides of your devices on desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Automated Lock Screen

For devices that are shared among different members of a clinic, our new automated lock screen allows you to select an auto-lock time period, after which time a user will be asked to enter a PIN for re-entry. This will ensure that the correct team member is logged in at all times, and the automatic lock time is customizable for each user.

ezyVet Go Version 3.0 updates

In-app tours

Starting with Version 3.0, every significant update within ezyVet Go will come with in-app tours to walk you through any new changes,.

Calendar changes

Your ezyVet Go calendar will now automatically sync every 2 minutes with your ezyVet calendar, meaning you don't need to manually sync your calendars.

There is now an agenda view, so that you can see only the appointments in a given day, reducing your need to scroll through empty time slots. You can also add other members of your team to your agenda view so that you can see a breakdown of all appointments for each member of your team within a day.

View contact links for appointments

You can now press and hold anywhere in an appointment block to view the contact details for the appointment. This has changed from previous version where you had to touch the ellipses menu to view contact details.

Automatically pull distances for travel from ezyVet

For appointments requiring a travel charge, the distance associated with the address will now automatically pull from ezyVet through to ezyVet Go. You can also add or edit these addresses and distances from within your ezyVet Go app, which will sync back to your ezyVet site.