SVS Veterinary Supplies

Streamline your practice's product ordering process

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SVS Veterinary Supplies

Streamline your practice's product ordering process

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Send purchase orders directly

Eliminate the double handling, create and send custom or automated purchase orders directly from your ezyVet site.

Receive automated price updates

Keep up to date with SVS product catalogue with prices automatically updating within the your ezyVet site.

Automatic inventory management

Improve efficiencies by setting up order limits and automatically stay on top of your inventory.

Streamline your inventory control processes

Keep track of stock every step of the way. Once your order has been shipped, SVS will automatically send a digital copy of your received Invoice directly to ezyVet.

Accurate inventory movement

Reduce unnecessary spend by consistently staying on top of your inventory as ezyVet automatically tracks stock movement.

Keep up to date product batches

Create batches for products upon receiving inventory, ensuring that batch numbers, quantity and expiries are up to date.

How SVS Veterinary Supplies works with ezyVet

SVS Veterinary Supplies offers an extensive selection of veterinary products at highly competitive prices including a range of exclusively distributed products. Together with ezyVet, you can streamline your product ordering process. Using SVS as an integrated product supplier you can:

  • Use an integrated product list: a live and automatically updated catalog of SVS products, visible within your ezyVet products list.
  • Create B2B purchase orders: create your purchase order in ezyVet and send that order to SVS in one click. No more double entering your purchase order in both systems.
  • Receive invoices and inventory: receive your SVS invoices within ezyVet and automatically update your inventory levels.

About SVS Veterinary Supplies

SVS Veterinary Supplies' buying power and their investment in the best of people and technology means that you can trust SVS to consistently deliver quality products at great value prices.

SVS is New Zealand’s leading full-service supplier to the veterinary industry. They have been great at wholesaling vet supplies for well over 20 years and we are proud to be family-run, New Zealand owned and operated. 100% Kiwi and proud of it!

SVS Laboratories is a full veterinary diagnostic pathology service based in Hamilton.

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