Simplify your product ordering process with Lyppard

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Simplify your product ordering process with Lyppard

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Automatically update cost price for incoming stock

Remove the manual task of updating product pricing. Using Lyppard as an integrated product supplier ensures pricing in ezyVet are automatically updated pricing when required.

Streamline your inventory management

Keep track of orders and deliveries at every step of the ordering process. Once your order has been shipped sent, Lyppard will automatically send a digital copy of your received invoice directly to ezyVet.

Do away with double handling

Remove the need to create a purchase order in two separate systems. Simply build a purchase order within ezyVet and instantly send to Lyppard with the click of a button.

Accurate inventory movement

Reduce unnecessary spend by consistently staying on top of your inventory as ezyVet automatically tracks stock movement

Maintain up to date product batches

Create batches for products upon receiving inventory, ensuring that batch numbers, quantity and expiries are up to date.

Automatic inventory management

Improve efficiencies by setting up order limits and automatically stay on top of your inventory.

ezyVet & Lyppard

Lyppard offers an extensive selection of veterinary products at highly competitive prices including a range of exclusively distributed products. Together with ezyVet, you can streamline your product ordering process. Using Lyppard as an integrated product supplier, you can access a live catalog product list, create purchase orders, receive invoices and have automatic updates to your inventory levels, all within ezyVet.

About Lyppard

Lyppard Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1988 by veterinarians and today is a leading national veterinary wholesaler. Their mission is to provide veterinarians with quality products backed by professional, reliable, and friendly service.

They have built a reputation on customer satisfaction through fast and reliable service, by providing delivery to their metropolitan customers on the same day service and all other orders within a 24-hour time frame.

The Lyppard buying power and efficient operating systems mean you get the best possible pricing, supported by over 100 professional and dedicated staff, and the promise of a level of service that will exceed your expectations.

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