Enables streamlined study access, viewing, and updating of images.

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Intelerad Medical Systems Incorporated

Enables streamlined study access, viewing, and updating of images.

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PACS study list with status filter

Ambra's full patient study list view can be filtered by study status with a comprehensive search feature and view of study custom fields, reports, and attachments, configured to client preference.

Ambra ProViewer Diagnostic-quality DICOM viewer

Ambra's diagnostic-quality, FDA-approved DICOM viewer, is complete with advanced tooling and DICOM tag editing capabilities.

Ad hoc DICOM tag manipulation

Ambra users can ad hoc edit study data directly from the study list, normalizing DICOM tag information for streamlined outside image intake and study management.

How Intelerad works with ezyVet

Enables streamlined study access, viewing, and updating of images.

The Intelerad integration provides veterinarians with simplified access to patient imaging for more efficient workflows. Directly through the ezyVet interface, vets can access the patient's clinical record where they can launch and view the patient's studies with the ProViewer tool which is embedded in the web page. This simplifies the veterinarians' workflow as it does not require them to log into a different application and input their credentials to simply view the patient imaging.

This creates a more efficient way to manage patient studies with a more streamlined access and viewing workflow. This also adds value to the ezyVet platform as it facilitates a means for the interface to support DICOM viewing without requiring the vendor to have to build, manage, and maintain a DICOM viewer solution.

About Intelerad

Intelerad is one of the leading providers of medical imaging software and services for the healthcare industry. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and Montreal, Quebec, Intelerad has over 900 employees located in offices across six countries.

Nearly 2,500 healthcare organizations around the world rely on Intelerad products to manage patient data, helping them reduce time and workload while improving patient outcomes. Intelerad’s award-winning enterprise imaging solutions have been recognized globally by KLAS, with Intelerad’s Ambra Health ranked #1 in Image Exchange for eight consecutive years.

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