Modern UI

The future of ezyVet is just around the corner!

We’re starting the journey toward a new and improved ezyVet! Expect a modernized interface, sleek design, and an all-round better ezyVet experience.

NEW header experience!

We're thrilled to share our NEW header experience! Our mission is to simplify and modernize ezyVet while keeping your favorite features.

Check out what to expect with the new experience:

  • Streamlined navigation
    Utilize keyboard shortcuts to fly through ezyVet.
  • Coming soon: Memo preview refreshed:
    Preview your memos for quick insights directly from the memo icon.
  • Personalized profiles:
    Customize your profile with an image or initials.
  • One-click clock-in, clock-out:
    Enjoy a smoother experience with our fresh one-click process.
  • Default full-screen view:
    Say goodbye to the black sidebar by default and hello to a more expansive workspace.
  • New floating footer:
    Easily create a support ticket and reach remote support.
  • Enhanced department/Inventory location popup:
    Less keystrokes, more efficiency - we've got you covered.

Quick memo preview will be back in a fresh new format!

We've streamlined the full-screen view to enhance your experience, temporarily bidding farewell to the Memo preview in the footer. The memo preview is set to make a comeback in a refreshed format. Allowing you to simply select the memo icon to enjoy a quick preview of your new memos.

Revamp your ezyVet presence

Refresh your profile by adopting a new avatar in our modern header experience. We've streamlined the look by swapping full user names with stylish avatars, maintaining a clean and clutter-free aesthetic. Updating is a breeze - simply upload a picture or use your initials.

Click on your avatar to access your account settings or lock and logout.

Maximizing full-screen efficiency & sidebar access

We've upgraded the login experience on ezyVet. The default view now features a full-screen display, reducing unnecessary clicks. Plus, rest assured, we've maintained easy access to the sidebar panel by integrating it into the new floating footer.

Effortless navigation and quick access to shortcuts

When using Navigation History or Department and Inventory location, the popup now seamlessly appears directly underneath. You can now also find your favorite shortcuts within the new “Plus” icon located in the header.

Support and remote access made simple

Support and remote access made simple

Need to create a support ticket or navigate to the remote access platform? These shortcuts are now housed in the NEW floating footer. Simply select the new Support Agent icon for quick and easy access.

Effortless time tracking and easy visibility

We’ve given our time tracker a much-needed makeover. Simply select the stopwatch icon when you clock-in and the current duration of your shift will be instantly displayed on the easy-to-ready clock!