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Empower and organize your team! Increase efficiency by creating customized and flexible ways to run your practice within ezyVet.

Team Management Manage your team

A smarter way to manage your team

Keep on top of your team with ezyVet's superior role and user-based management solution, enabling to configure your team’s permissions. Your practice can tailor to individual user accounts or roles to perform desired functions, letting you run your practice the way you like.

Team Management Better insights and improved resource planning

Accurately track staff hours

Spreadsheets? Delete ‘em. External time tracker? Cancel your subscription. ezyVet’s integrated Time Clock pulls all your timekeeping processes into one place, allowing you to record and report on employee hours with just a couple of clicks. Effortlessly compare scheduled hours against actual work hours to minimize time creep and ensure employees are paid accurately for the hours they work.

Team Management Boost efficiencies

Keep the whole team on the same page

Slash miscommunications, reduce errors, and keep every member of your pack pulling in the same direction. ezyVet provides a continuous overview of everything that’s going on at your practice so your whole team can always see exactly what’s happening. Block out availability in the calendar, track diagnostic requests, monitor upcoming medication refills, and access extra Dashboard views so everyone can see what's on the daily agenda.

Team management Staff discounts

Keep the team happy with automatic staff discounts

Give your team the right discounts on the right products, with automated staff discounts. Take the weight off your admin work and make sure that the right products are discounted without any manual adjustment, which not only saves you time and money but ensures your staff get what they are entitled to.

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