Appointment Management Hero

End-to-end appointment management 

Increase the efficiency of your practice with ezyVet's cutting-edge clinical workflows

Appointment Management Collect e signatures

Collect e-signatures from anywhere, on any device 

Join the paperless movement and say goodbye to unnecessary printing with ezyVet's remote signatures. Give your clients the freedom to sign any document from the comfort of their own homes. Create a seamless, contactless experience - all while cutting down the document signing process. The result? Faster signing, reduced signer drop-off rates and less paper waste.

Appointment Management Clinical Workflow Optimisation

Clinical task optimization 

Save time and money with advanced clinical workflows. With ezyVet’s templating system, you don’t have to worry about manually typing up notes and billing - simply tab through your answers to add notes and invoice clients automatically. Further streamline your processes with Master Problems, which helps keep track of patients’ diagnoses so you can easily reference them later. The opportunities are endless - how you set up your workflows is completely up to you.

Appointment Management Complete customization

Complete customization across all areas 

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to practice management software. That’s why ezyVet provides complete customization across all areas of our software. Tailor your practice's workflows to the team's needs by customizing appointment types and statuses, or set up bespoke clinical summaries that work best for your practice. Put more time back into your day and focus on what matters most: patient care.

Clinical Automation Missed Charges

Tackle revenue loss with automated charge capture 

Get automated with ezyVet's robust automatic charge capture solution, which ensures accuracy, saves time, and boosts your revenue. Simply configure your ezyVet site to automatically invoice out appointments and apply discounts, and create pre-configured templates to automatically bill. ezyVet's charge capture is just one easy way you can make missed charges a thing of the past.

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