Our Product Team has been working hard to schedule and ship product releases based around your feature requests and product requirements. We're excited to share our latest updates in our Product wrap up below. 👇

Feature Requests

Saving Documents to Print as Attachments

Documents such as certificates auto-generate at the point when vaccines are invoiced. However, a copy of said certificate may be needed at a future date upon request for county licensing or travel purposes. Now, when the certificate generates it also saves as an attached document in the clinical record and related patient file making it easy to reprint or re-send to a client.


There is a new setting on the "Document to Print When Invoiced" with an option of saving the certificate attachment on the Clinical Record. This will initially be turned off so be sure to turn on for Certificates you want to save on file

Patient Date of Birth

The patient’s date of birth is now shown along the age of the patient:

  • Date of birth now visible in Clinical Sidebar which shows the Animal details
  • Date of birth now visible in Animal Sidebar which shows the Animal details
  • Date of birth now visible in the Medication Prescription popup window

If the date of birth is not set it will show as "Not Set" in the Medication window and will not show in the sidebars.

patient date of birth

Pending vs Completed Communications (User/Site setting)

Clinics often lose communications when they open the module to edit; automatically marking it as ‘Completed’ without the user noticing. This new functionality will allow Users to determine if the Status should stay ‘Pending’ or move to ‘Sending’ or ‘Done/Completed’ by default. Details:

  • Three options for actions on opening Pending Communication:
    1. Remain as Pending
    2. Move to sending/Done
    3. Timed Default (Current functionality to update state only if overdue or due within 24 hours)
  • New System setting under Advanced to set the System default
  • User Settings under Advanced to update per User if needed different from the system default

Appointment Confirmation Consent Forms

Forms requiring a client signature can now be sent along with an appointment confirmation email. Your client will receive a link to a document that allows them to enter their signature electronically. This will be hosted on the Customer (eBooking) Portal but does not require the client to log in to the portal to sign the document. The signed document will be saved in the attachments section of ezyVet for reference. This works well for a telemedicine virtual consult as it is not necessary for a client to sign a physical form on premise.

The consent form uses the AppointmentConsentFormLink template variable.

For steps on configuring a remote consent form for a virtual appointment, see here.

Template Variables Created for Pharmacy Contacts

Practices now have the ability to automatically pull in the pharmacy contact information onto the external script template so scripts can be printed for clients or forwarded to the pharmacy directly. This automation removes the need for manual writing of scripts, and a time-stamped record in the patient’s medication history.