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ezyVet + Dragon Veterinary Voice Recognition

At ezyVet, we strive to offer a comprehensive feature rich system to our users. Having a system that partners with market leading veterinary software offers just that. ezyVet’s partnership with Dragon Veterinary allows users to utilise market leading speech... read more

The Convenience of Online Booking

In a world where convenience is key and highly valued by most time-strapped individuals, this is a feature we are excited to offer ezyVet customers. Online booking enables clinics to extend the level of service they offer their customers and modernises how customers... read more

ezyVet Integrates with Google Cloud Print

ezyVet integrates with Google Cloud Print connecting printers to the web and making it possible to print from anywhere using an Internet-connected device. Setup is simple and settings can be specific to each user. A popup widow, Google Cloud Print Settings, allows you... read more

ezyVet and IDEXX VetConnect Plus Integration

ezyVet and IDEXX Laboratories have partnered and now offer a comprehensive integration. The two-way integration with VetConnect Plus not only improves work flow but also offers valuable automation capabilities. Transform the way you submit lab requests and access... read more