Clinical Module

ezyVET Clinical Screen

ezyVet has a superbly structured clinical module.  All information is accessible with a single click from the calendar/appointment screen, animal record, client record or the clinical screen.

The clinical module has been designed to build cases for an animal in a way that you can see all the information in one go on the screen and make it as simple or comprehensive as you like.

The layout of the clinical module describes how you would approach a new case from a best practice point of view. Based on an expanded SOAP format (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) the ability to flow through the clinical process and record data at the same time improves efficiency.

One of the fundamental concepts which differs ezyVet from other packages is the departmentalization of all clinical data, meaning multiple staff in the clinic who are working the case can actively contribute and edit the record at the same time.  Unfortunately, many other packages fail in this area by locking the clinical record dramatically therefore isolating the entry of data to the Veterinarian alone.  This concept will empower your techs/nurses/admin team members to get more engaged with the case, be a part of the story and record it.

Medications and Vaccinations

Medications and Vaccinations are automatically added to invoices as you dispense and issue them, so you can be assured your billing is accurate without human error.


The available procedures can be set up how you want and notes are easily recorded for each procedure performed with any specific details you may want to include.

Referrals – It’s all about communicating the story

Whether you are a specialist clinic or you regularly refer cases to specialists, key stakeholders or customers, ezyVet can create customized clinical summaries with ease.  The referrer or person you are communicating with will really enjoy the well structured clinical summaries with the information you choose to include for that case.  Each Veterinarian can have their own pre-saved preferences in terms of how they like the clinical summaries to look and feel.

General Notes

You are able to easily separate and manage In-Clinic and Hospital notes directly from the appointment dashboard or the clinical screen.  Each entry is individual time and user stamped so you can clearly see who has added what during the time the animal has been in the clinic.

Communication – Recording what we do and say when we touch the client

One of the biggest challenges in any Veterinary clinic is communicating clearly with clients.  ezyVet has made it easy to record each interaction with the client (or referring vet) directly from the appointment dashboard or the clinical screen.  Vet Communication and Client Communication recording ensures the correct people get the information they require, and referrers have information about what their client has been advised.

Discharge Summaries

Discharge summaries are easily customized and filled in with all the correct client and animal information. These can be made quickly from pre-made variable driven templates so when a client is discharged, you are not late for the next appointment.  Communicating great personalized take home information is a great way to build rapport with your clients and show you care about their animals.

Additional Features of the Clinical Module

  • Diagnosis of presenting & master problems
  • Allergies and visit history clearly visible from the clinical screen
  • Template driven discharge summaries and consent forms for quick use
  • Easy attachment of files (drag and drop)
  • Integrated electronic lab forms and results
  • Integrated in-house lab diagnostics with various technologies
  • Dispensing of medications with repeats
  • Set automated reminders for vaccinations or appointments
  • Easy tool tip driven information bar on the left hand side to see previous clinical histories

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