How the ezyVet-Openpay Integration works

Medical advancements and pet owner’s willingness to do anything to care for their pets has resulted in treatments costs once reserved for humans, now being offered for dogs and cats. With no national health services for pets, the burden is squarely on the shoulders of owners to pay veterinarians to make their pets better and can often mean they need to stump up four-figure sums.

This is a position no pet owner and veterinarian ever wants to be in. In a profession where they become a vet purely for their love of animals, no vet wants to be forced to juggle the patient’s needs, the owner’s pocketbook, and their conscience.

That is why we have partnered with Openpay, a modern-day payment plan that lets pet owners spread the cost of the vet bill over time, so vets can focus on patient care by offering clients smarter payment options.

Who is Openpay?

Openpay are a global fintech company headquartered in Melbourne, defining the next generation of payments. Openpay provides modern-day payment plans that lets customers spread the cost of the vet bill over time with no interest. None. In-store, in-app or online, Openpay partners with Vet’s to provide customers with Buy Now Pay Later repayment plans ranging from 2 to 24 months, covering purchase values from $100 to $7,000.

Openpay is fast growing, and as of 30 June 2020 Openpay reported Q4FY20 growth of:

  1. 229% increase in active plans^
  2. 141% increase in active customers^

Why pet owners love Openpay

Enhance your customer's experience

Customers can get on-the-spot approval for $100-$7,000 and choose flexible payment terms from 2-24 months.

Why vets love Openpay

Boost your business and give pet owners easier access to animal health care.

Seamless ezyVet integration

You’ll be able to access this out of the box solution at POS directly from ezyVet. Your staff will have less wasted time on administration, meaning more time providing the best level of care to your patients.

Happy pets, happy vets

By offering the pet owner greater choice and payment flexibility through Openpay, consumers will be more comfortable doing what’s right for their pet to receive the best possible care, leading to happier, healthier pets.

“Ultimately, we have been able to treat more patients in the clinic as we have provided a fast and more streamlined financial support service for our clients. The integration allows us to provide a payment plan for our clients that supports both them and our clinic, without having to carry the burden of debt collecting.”

Abby Richards, Practice Manager, Greenhills Veterinary Hospitals

How the integration works

In ezyVet, the Openpay integration works like any other payment method. When the patient has received treatment, the pet owner can choose Openpay at checkout. A new plan is processed in-clinic via the customer’s Openpay app or the web portal. Openpay guarantees payment (less Openpay fees) to your business the next business day, and the pet owner pays 20% on the day, and the remaining instalments to Openpay over the selected payment term.

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