Send Automated Postcards Directly from ezyVet

Sending postcards from ezyVet has never been easier with our integrated postcard service, available in the USA.

Postcards are the perfect communication method for your reminders, promotions, new client welcome, and sympathy cards. Choose from a selection of images, put your logo on the front or back, and manually send a postcard or link your postcard templates to your automated communication tasks, which will send your postcards automatically.

Regions available: USA

Size: 4.25 x 6in

Delivery: The expected delivery time is between 4-6 business days from when you click ‘send’ in ezyVet.

Cost: 75c per postcard (includes print and delivery)

Quality: Gloss laminate


Choose an image

Choose from our selection of handpicked images.

Customize your message

Craft a message with template variables that insert personalized details.

Add your logo

Choose the perfect location for your logo – bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right, or back of the postcard.

Bulk send

Send multiple postcards out at the same time.

Add to automation

Create an automated task that sends out your postcards automatically, when due.

Send a one-off

Manually send a one-off postcard for those unique events.

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