Give your clients a smarter way to pay

Offer Opy financing... better for your clients, their pets and your business.

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Offer Opy financing... better for your clients, their pets and your business.

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Streamlined with ezyVet integration

Process and reconcile Opy payment transactions right within ezyVet.

Get paid upfront

Get paid in full in within 24-48 hours while Opy takes on the risk of collecting payments.

Grow your practice with a proven sales tool

Increase average transaction value (ATV) and conversion.

Better access to animal healthcare for your clients

Capture transactions that clients may otherwise delay - and help pets get the care they need.

A smarter way to pay

Help clients better manage their budgets with no hidden fees and flat, predictable payments.

Applying won’t impact your client’s credit score

Client’s can set up an account and apply for a quick credit decision from within the Opy app.

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Enhance your customer's experience

US practices can offer clients a smart, responsible way to cover important pet care costs, from $100 to $10,000+, and let them choose flexible payment terms from 3-24 months.

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The impact of Opy: a success story

Find out how Greenhills Vet Hospital processed over $46,000 across 107 plans within 4 months of turning the integration on.


How it works

When a payment is created using the Opy payment method, ezyVet will prompt you to fill out the pet owner’s payment plan details, and the pet owner will be able to tailor their payment plan within their own Opy app. You get the full payment (minus fees) from Opy upfront, and the pet owner can manage their payment plan directly with Opy.

  • Step 1 - Pet owner decides to pay with Opy
  • Step 2 - A new plan is processed in-clinic via the Opy app. The pet owner pays the first installment right away.
  • Step 3 - The pet owner pays off the remaining installments to Opy over the selected period of time.

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